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  1. great this game has become dungeon defenders 1 starting pet projects and not fixing the core game i guess that 40 million you lost after getting sued is going to bleed this game to death gg
  2. you mean like they said no for skyrim and fallout mods. no sony is just anti player
  3. you dont know what the word prehistoric means
  4. will we get exstinction primitive servers with the patch?
  5. chevalierknight

    Primitive Plus

    any plans to add this to the base game plz plz plz with puppy eyes. just showed my tribe on xbox and it all we want.
  6. will we be getting that bow in the base game ? its too good to be only in the mod
  7. will there be exsinction servers for the new xbox map we love that mode

  8. made me crack up at work boss and co works gave me the eye
  9. hi jen has a dev seen my post about how the scopes black arrow does not lineup with the cross hair its really hard to aim with it not alined maybe remove crosshair when scoped

    1. chevalierknight


      my bad its xbox forgot to add that

  10. place dont change plant x you can aready out run them now you will just drain them it will become useless
  11. whats max player level on xbox?

  12. my topic has been moved two times now ? im getting confused were im ment to put a topic now

    1. Jen


      Apologies, missed the part of your post where you mentioned being on Xbox. Grass (and ground clutter in general) was reduced on Xbox for performance reasons. These type of settings can be increased as we enter the optimization phase. 

  13. @Jat please add the roof hatch flying pens need it
  14. can you help me with my damage topic?

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