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  1. coldfiresun

    TLC Suggestions

    yup I couldnt agree more. I would really hope wildcard at least looks at some of the suggestions @3mptylord posts. Also maybe have some pr people hired while at it so we can get some new digests and questions properly answered.
  2. coldfiresun

    ARK Digest Q&A!

    I know it has been mentioned but can the liopleurodon be reworked to fit its dossier. It was a great early level tame with the breathing mechanic but now it is an ok higher level tame purely for going after drops it seems. The escape mechanic is also very frustrating but that may just me.
  3. coldfiresun

    ARK Digest Q&A!

    Can we see spawn rates and spawn placement on the centre fixed? The amount of dunkle's in the ocean makes it too dangerous to do anything in the deep out of fear of accidentally hitting one. As well with the last patch, the rex spawns on south jungle are now more numerous than on volcano island. We also are missing many new dinos or their spawn rates are so low they may as well not be there at all.
  4. coldfiresun

    ARK Digest Q&A!

    As I have many questions or points, I'm just going to lump them into one post. -As the baryonx weighs more than the purlovia by almost 1000 lbs can it please be carryable by an argie? If the issue is scooping them from underground than can there not be a code to prevent them from being grabbed underground? -Can we get an explanation on ark physics and to the reasoning behind why spike walls don't work underwater despite being sharp and why cannons do not work in electrical storms despite not using electricity, please? -Especially now that the hidden relics now provide hair cut models too can we have them added to the centre map? Since it is an official map now it would be nice if it had all the features. - When you go back over some of the dinos will some of the herbivores be changed from eating berries to stuff like thatch or fibre as they used to be grazing animals, not frugivores? -I s it possible we will either see an option to lower overall spawn rates or just see a major rework on them? Certain dinos like the therinzino spawn so frequently it is a problem and in general whenever you go anywhere it is a mess of carnivores just roaming around. I know this is a game and therefore not the most realistic but it just kills exploration when the only safe mount is an alpha pred or a flier. - Would it be possible to have a better notification of what certain mutations are? I have a couple on my dinos but for the life of me I cannot figure out what they do. -While I love your game and think you guys are doing a great job I find a lot about the game is not well explained if it is at all. Could we get a better set of information on certain systems in the game such as the breeding mechanics and mutations? -Why can therzinos damage you on a mount while other large dinos cannot? - Would it be possible to see an expansion to the cooking recipes where we could make recipes for existing items and improve them? Such as using twice the amount of tintos for the health elixir and having a single dose twice as strong? If we can do it for foods and things it would be really nice if it could carry over to other recipes. - I understand that punching a tree hurts, but could we have it where when punching squishy things we do not hurt ourselves? It is pretty silly that you can kill yourself on a dodo if you have low enough health. - Would it be possible to craft things in your inventory if you are accessing a smithy with the materials already in it? It would be so convenient just to walk up to a smithy or bookshelf where I'm storing my stuff and just go straight into crafting instead of having to drag over everything and drag it back when im did? -Can we get the ability in tech tier to craft beacon like objects to make finding spots on the map easier? Like if you want to mark a cave or your base you could put up a shaft of light for easy locating. - Either as a new dinosaur or when you go back over the older dinos, it would be so amazing if you make a couple herbivores with herd AI behaviours. It would be cool to see certain plant eaters behaving like dire wolves or allosaurs. You could do the circle deference for trikes or give a true stampede mechanic. -Can we have an iron level upgrade to the club since there is no good melee torpor damaging weapon until the prod? -Would it be possible to get armour in the future that gives more than just an armour buff? It would be cool to add iron blades to the claws of a bear to up its melee or saddlebags to the mammoth to increase its carry weight. - You have alluded in the past that we are not the first to inhabit the ark. Is it possible in the future that we could see human tribal npcs? Especially for the single player that would make the whole game so unbelievably amazing both with possibilities of trade or fighting. Especially as it would give us a chance to do some raiding in singleplayer. - Please, can we see an option to add primitive+ items to the regular game? I really love all the additions it gets but I also want to use late game items at the same time. Especially for single player, I can't see why they couldn't be potentially combined. Primitive + has gotten a lot of features I want but I also don't want to give up late tier items. - Walls and turrets are not always sufficient for guarding one's base in PvE or PVP. Could we maybe get something like a Plant species Z which uses an AOE ability that repels wild dinos? This would help with people who are raiding on PVE and would allow people to build without always relying on walls. With the Pachyrhinosaurus coming this would be in the same vein and really cool! - will DLC terrain like that in scorched earth be available for use in PGA's if we own the DLC? It would be so cool to have a melded map between the two like a bunch of desert islands. - This might be a lot of work but could we do something about riding dinos in forested areas. The trees tend to be so short 3rd person view is impossible and generally 1st person view is just as bad if not better. I would like to do some exploring on foot but I find it very difficult because of that. Could we either get a fix on the cameras or possibly see the trees raised a little bit so we don't constantly have our heads in the branches? - Can we see where dinos don't go aggro and dinosaurs they wouldn't normally if they were not tamed? It is a little frustrating to tame up a carno and the second it wakes up half the forest attacks it. - is it possible to make server settings or other ini file settings into sliders so that they are more user-friendly for the less tech inclined of players -Would it be possible for most flyers to treat the water similar to the ground and only boot you if you approach at a harsh angle? Im sick and tired of flying just a bit too low to the water and being kicked of my argy. The birds would be smart enough to know to stay above the water no? - Could we separate the sliders from tree density and stone density so if I wanted a really dense redwood biome that doesn't mean everything is covered in metal ore on the ground? Also if we could be a bit more specific like turning up or down crystal spawns? I would love to see a really dense dark redwood forest illuminated by crystal nodes with limited metal. - Will we ever see where items from the primitive/scorched earth and dinos from scorched earth make it into the main game if you own the expansions? Especially with the new procedural generated arks if you have scorched earth it would be nice to have both desert biomes and the regular ones. Or have it as an option where rock elementals and wyverns can spawn in the regular game if you own the expansion. - Will we ever be able to choose the exact amounts of items when transferring things in the inventory menu? IT would be nice if I could choose to do something like transferring 37 stacks of thatch instead of screwing around with click shift-t - With the new procedural generated arks is it possible we may one day see settings to increase or decrease specific dinosaur spawns? I would love to play a map in which you can customise the dino availability. Thanks for reading all this and making a great game!
  5. coldfiresun

    ARK Digest Q&A!

    Why do we always have new digest threads when you don't answer the previous one?
  6. coldfiresun

    Introducing the Equus!

    looks like they finally broke and made a horse. It looks really cool but I feel like it will make the parasaurolophus even more underwhelming since it replaces its function and then adds some. I'm looking forward to using it but I hope they touch up the para to compensate ''
  7. Yeah it isnt every time but it happens enough to concern me as they kill me in a hit so I die and need to find him to remount
  8. So I got and tamed myself a high level therizinosaurus and put some levels on it. Then as I went to try it out I accidentally agro'd another one and I was immediately killed and knocked off the saddle. So to test that this was not just a one time occurrence as I was clearing the north island of more therizinosaurs and again I was killed while in the saddle on the back if mine. This time though by the time I got back my Theriznosaurus was killed. (which was weird in its own right as it was 100 levels higher with twice the melee as the other but mine was massacred) If you could fix the saddle kills it would be most appreciated!
  9. hey i love everything that gets added to the game for primitive +, but i also like the higher teir items in ark. So Ive been looking for a work around. I was wondering if anyone knows if the structures plus mod is compatible so i can have my cake and eat it too.
  10. coldfiresun

    Announcing ARK Park VR!

    Will this solely be a vr game or can non vr owners use this too?
  11. coldfiresun

    ARK Digest Q&A!

    Would it be possible to get armour in the future that gives more than just an armour buff. It would be cool to add iron blades to the claws of a bear to up its melee or saddlebags to the mammoth to increase its carry weight.
  12. coldfiresun

    ARK Digest Q&A!

    Could we have access to primitive + items eventually in regular ark? I really love them but i also enjoy the higher tier items even if there is overlap.
  13. coldfiresun

    ARK Digest Q&A!

    Can we see where dinos dont go aggro and dinosaurs they wouldnt normally if they were not tamed. It is a little frustrating to tame up a carno and the second it wakes up half the forest attacks it.
  14. coldfiresun

    ARK Digest Q&A!

    Can we have it where fall damage is separated from the player damage slider. I had my player damage set to 3 and literally even the smallest distance would kill me. I had to lower my player damage down to .5 to alleviate the frustration. This also makes some mechanics impossible if you want to increase the slider. Such as the Gigantopithicus throw.
  15. coldfiresun

    ARK Digest Q&A!

    is it possible to make server settings or other ini file settings into sliders so that they are more user friendly for the less tech inclined of players