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  1. Alright, so raptors now have that barking sound from Jurassic Park 3, which is both ridiculous and illegal, isn't it?
  2. They would prefer having a terminator-like avatar more than a child avatar
  3. I was fine about dinosaurs being scientifically incorrect the whole time cause ARK is more of a fantazy game, yet now you are going to show your sphynx Rexes, Raptors as well as some never existed subspecies of Triceratops to children as an educational experience? Am I right? You really think its ok?
  4. Hello, beutiful players and Ark devs! I feel really sorry for X-box player, they just really don't deserve to be treated like that Also, as a developer I can relate to what is happening in the dev team now, we love you guys for all the efforts you make to create a great experience for players! We understand that sometimes development, management and even financing of the project can go a bit wrong, but with all love to you guys we ask you to be more realistic and humble with your promises and announcements, because that is where you fail most - you are giving players very high expectations. And satisfaction from a product is alsways Reality minus Expectations. The more people expect from you the less happy they are with what they get. Make us expect less and give us more and you will be loved forever! Sinserely, your Slow bro
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