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  1. Who would have thought that just two years ago we had only about 30 dinos, 1 map and a whole load of bugs and glitches. Now we have 3 new official arks and a 4th one incoming, baby dinos, fishing... even a toilet or God's sake!!! This game means a lot to me... I have supported it since day 0 because this game has given me everything i could have asked for: an enjoyable experience. I just hope that no matter how harsh the conditions might, how low or hunger and water is, if we have broken bones or mega rabies, the flame from or torches will never be extinguished. Happy release date Ark Survival Evolved!!
  2. The heavy lifting is being done by another studio.
  3. LOL! that sounds like what's happening at this moment with the PS4, Xbox 1 and PC communities.
  4. A little bit extra only?? I would say a lot extra!! If at least the saddle skin we got was compatible with every dino so that people can put it on a rex, or those cool rex glasses were available..
  5. Also, it would be much easier if they could make upgrades like this for the cross ark system:
  6. You say that dragons are not match for gigas do you remember that you got the lighting and poison wyverns? They can attack from the sky safe from the giga's attacks while building up their madness level which will make them rampage and attack the other gigas if they are to close who will then attack back in an infinite cycle of madness that might kill their riders. Now correct me if I am wrong but once they get out of rage mode they will not continue to doe what you ordered before they went wild, so if their riders die they would have to go back in order to control them again and in the meanwhile you cant make them follow you somewhere were their riders wont find them until. If they don't die from hunger and they find them at least you will be able to slow down the enemies (suggestion do not use fire wyverns because not only their range is small but fire does not make them go rage. Also you said that you do not have x plant species? WELL you can't do anythin, (cough)bring seeds (cough) from the island?you ever thought about that? Hope you can understand that.
  7. Yes Pachyrhinosaurus! I want it.. faster than trike.. just please the saddle should be for level 15-20 not to high please?
  8. Damm gg to the guy that managed to do this, he or she deserves every penny in the gift card!
  9. Yeah in the site i am looking there is some kind of chicken hieroglyphic that means both U and W
  10. yeah its pretty strange and internet is not really helping I mean 1 hieroglyphic mean 3 different letters and its most of the site have different translation.
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