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  1. Rociel

    Need more servers?

    EU - PVE - RAG
  2. Rociel

    pve Ark 249 wishes you a warm welcome

    We have no pillar in 249 This is why i stay on 249, i try to connect on new server, after hours of try, whenn i log in, only pillar, everywhere...i log off
  3. Rociel

    pve Ark 249 wishes you a warm welcome

    Like I said before you are all true. It's may be interest some ppl or not. In all case the server is friendly and all are welcome
  4. Rociel

    Anyone still playing legacy

    Staying on legacy. It's hard to join friend on new server. You need to wait 2hours to have a chance for login
  5. Rociel

    ETA on more servers?

    Pillar, pillar everywhere.
  6. Rociel

    ETA on more servers?

    well, second day I still can't play all server are full (that's good for the buisness less for the player side) :'(
  7. Rociel

    How can I transfer my Character?

    Because you can't that why you have legacy and new cluster.
  8. Woot, Wait, What ? Is that real ? S+ coming to the game ? That mean as you say i can finaly polish my base <3
  9. Rociel

    If you could have only one Dino

    Ankylo. Good tank, good area of damage, metal <3 and beautiful creature
  10. Rociel

    pve Ark 249 wishes you a warm welcome

    Yeah complety agreed, that why it's not a infinite help and a enormous base. But, yes, like each game the best part is the first month of discovery. We have thise idea when we see some new player leave after loose there first week/day of work. May be it can touch some kind of player. Anyway if they want try all without help we still stay a friendly server where all ppl is nice to each other.
  11. Rociel

    pve Ark 249 wishes you a warm welcome

    don't be shy people, we're a friendly and helpful server !
  12. Hi, I'm Rociel, one of the Survivor in the ARK 249 PVE In collaboration with other Citizen we're pleased to inform you we start the ''welcome operation''. The first few days may be the most discouraging. Your thatch house so hard built, reduced to nothing by this raptor, or this sabertooth who killed you and who made you reappear at ten killometer of your home. So sad. What about a real house, one place for start your adventure ? And that's here the ''welcome operation'' will help you ! Just ask, and this house is your ! Here your starter house kit ! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1088789904 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1088789967 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1088790016 We are ready to welcome up to 5 Survivor for this first evenement, right now ! This house come with basic stuff, And for those who survive long enough, our dinosaurs protection center is looking for new owners for dino orphans ! But do not be deceived, you will have to prove your survivor quality once this kit is handed over to you ! Obviously the other Citizen will be there to advise you and occasionally help you. Don't be shy they're all friendly ! With or Without this welcome kit, the 249 Citizen is happy to welcome you and wish you long life and good hunt ! We're speaking lot of different language, we try to use English in general, but all speaker are present and welcome, german, french, English, spain, etc, etc. Contact here, mp, or Rociel (Switzerland) on steam The-EU-PVE-Officialserver249