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  1. The problem with that is once the Legacy servers go up your stuck in them. They basically want you to start over on a new server with new character and everything.
  2. Wow really?? My server isn't up there, but basically your giving us the middle finger when your own Customer Support don't do poop as it is!! The Customer Support for your game is a giant lie, I submitted a ticket for a Mosa a good couple months or so back that was stuck (not on anything mind you, but just stuck out in the water unable to be ridden or follow) and what happened? towards the end of the month long after it died I finally get a response. Not only that, but there are still Duper's on my server and I have submitted numerous tickets about this and yet nothing has been done. After all of that you've basically waved us off, saying your on your own we're gonna focus on the new players instead of the ones who put time and effort into helping you make this game into the game it is today. If what I said isn't true then just complete the tickets people have submitted and stop the Duper problem going on on pretty much every server.
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