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  1. Fantastic map design with some interesting concepts. On our PvE server the wave drops have encouraged cooperation. It's a shame the experience has been largely corrupted by the constant crashes and rollbacks, not to mention the nuclear light effect bug that I've never seen brought up by anyone. A lot of people are upset by the high level dinos invading, but personally I see it as part of the challenge of the map. Turrets. Turrets everywhere.
  2. It's great you're adding a Tek Qutzal, but will they get some TLC? Quetzals hardly seem useful anymore, at least from a PvE perspective. My Argentavis can carry almost as much weight and moves much quicker. What utility the Quetzal does offer is negated entirely by its extremely slow speed. Perhaps they have more utility on PvP servers though.
  3. Bold move making a visible cloaca on the Brachy. I approve.
  4. When are we going to see some work to fix glaring issues that have been around since the alpha stage began rather than continuing development of other products? It feels more like this game was developed to a minimum workable level and now the only concern is spreading it to as many platforms as possible. The game still lags horribly, there's still rollbacks that erase hours of work, there's a serious lack of refinement to the building system, the tame cap that's reached on almost every PvE server, etc. Even basic customer service is severely lacking. The TLC stuff for dinos is great, but there's so many more areas of the game that need overhauled that seem to be getting ignored in favor of expansion. Your borders have been significantly expanded, now how about some work on the infrastructure for the territory you already have?
  5. It's beautiful the love between a man and his raptor is being shown so proudly.
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