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  1. Here's some more images of it still happening. It was normal until the server crashed, then loading back in triggered it. Default gamma setting: https://imgur.com/QYQ7HE6 https://imgur.com/f5XgpkY 0.5 gamma setting: https://imgur.com/aNZw6HY https://imgur.com/XuuiznZ The bug only affects the environment. My inventory and stats are still at the normal level of gamma when the bug occurs. Bugless with default gamma: https://imgur.com/ZoTzsvN
  2. Fantastic map design with some interesting concepts. On our PvE server the wave drops have encouraged cooperation. It's a shame the experience has been largely corrupted by the constant crashes and rollbacks, not to mention the nuclear light effect bug that I've never seen brought up by anyone. A lot of people are upset by the high level dinos invading, but personally I see it as part of the challenge of the map. Turrets. Turrets everywhere.
  3. I'm not sure what causes this, but it seems to have something to do with changing zones or it loads the light too many times. Relogging doesn't fix it, and it's not a gamma setting problem. This is default gamma. Sometimes I don't have this bug and it looks normal.
  4. I think I saw your base. It's surrounded by tamed pteras and argies.
  5. Do they know what's causing the crash? It's been a really long time and there's not even a temporary fix. If they need more information they should ask for some. On 500 there's a dead zone near the city southern gate. Anyone who gets within that chunk is kicked and stuck in a boot loop. I don't know what's there that's causing an issue, but it'd be a good place to look. I've had tribemates that were able to at least retrieve our dinos from that area that we got stuck there with.
  6. How come only a handful of Extinction servers are on 286.111? What is this?
  7. It's been a couple hours. Any estimate on when the server will have its version fixed?
  8. Server 500 is on the wrong version. It's .111 instead of .104
  9. Can you roll the servers back a save or two and remove whatever update was added on the server end?
  10. It seems like only the city has crashed for some reason. Someone was in the snow biome and still in the game and when they fast traveled to the city they crashed and can't get back in.
  11. Kicked and now I can't log back in even though the server is up.
  12. Getting booted over and over now. Who is in charge of server hardware? Can someone look at this server now?
  13. 11/14/2018 1:47PM EST - Server wide crash lasting 13 minutes, 1 minute rollback.
  14. 11/13/2018 8:39PM EST - Server wide crash lasting 2 minutes, 15 minute rollback.
  15. 11/13/2018 5:48PM EST - Server wide crash lasting 4 mins, 1 minute rollback.
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