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  1. where is 2x guyssssssssssssssssssss
  2. hi i have same problem like u i uninstalled game and redownload it again but not worked again crashed while joining we checked error it was about net something is wrong about my net ip and servers so i used a v.p.n and it work i can join servers when i use v.p.n u can try it maybe help u aswell.
  3. 7400 hours on pc but i want more and more
  4. this never happend to me but its ark everything can happen
  5. its just funnn u talking about some easy tame dinos so no worry about them
  6. r8dark


    ICE GOLEMS why we cant transfer ice golems ? i tried with cryo pod but cant drop it in other servers
  7. everything new for fun + color dinos and rate boosted
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