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  1. RaiderofthelostARK

    Anyone got extinction on console???

    Or do we wait one more hour ?
  2. RaiderofthelostARK

    Great job devs!

    Finally a map that is somewhat catering to smaller tribes/casual players! Ive done the hour long tames and long grind for boss fights for element. Seems like extinction is gonna be awesome! Thank you!!!!
  3. RaiderofthelostARK

    Haven't played in months

    Is it worth comming back or still full of bugs ?
  4. RaiderofthelostARK

    $2000 Dollar prize, First to kill the Aberration Boss on Official Servers.

    It's all any company cares about
  5. RaiderofthelostARK

    Once upon a time...

    You don't remember the constant updates regarding new content such as redwood being introduced ? There was weekly notes about things of that nature. Like you said communication about kibble rework and further details about the tlc would be amazing. If they was reworking the kibble or tlc say...a year ago we would always be aware of changes coming our way.
  6. RaiderofthelostARK

    Once upon a time...

    Nothing really good there as far as info. Jat and Jen used to chat in forums as well as a weekly digest. I wonder why they stopped giving out info. I miss reading the digest and knowing what to look forward to.
  7. RaiderofthelostARK

    Once upon a time...

    There once was constant feedback and dev interaction with the players and loyal customers. And everyone was happy! But lately a dark cloud has found it's way high above WC studios and is raining down nasty comments from the once happy customers and players due to the silence of the devs. Who stole their tongues...fingers or whatever?Will we ever see the magical times again? #bored at work #rant
  8. RaiderofthelostARK

    Solo surface drop hunting advice

    Too many ways for a ravanger to fail for me to even think about trying this. Bite the bullet and buy an egg.
  9. RaiderofthelostARK

    Why can't we set up teleporters on aberration

    To make the game grrrriiiindy...a true pain is trying to bring metal back from the bioluminesence area back up top. Pita.
  10. 1. Terrible dev communication. 2. Lag lag lag lag...then crash 3. More crashing and disconnecting. If those 3 things got fixed I'd preorder every wc game and buy the season pass for them.
  11. RaiderofthelostARK

    Tek trough is utterly useless

    I got the.mats including the element in like 2 hours to make genny and 3 troughs in abberation....and can run it for days...
  12. RaiderofthelostARK

    Pink river is now blinding blue

    Was there notes about this ? A week ago we was hunting queens around pink rivers now it's all blinding blue. Don't see any notes
  13. Ugh true...all resources are at extinction and an unmentioned player mod map that'll release before it. Sad...really sad....so many mistakes. But hopefully they have learned from them and their next project will be better.
  14. RaiderofthelostARK

    Ragnarok: Constant Crashing on Xbox after Update

    It's not even anything particular causing the crashes which is the annoying part. It's EVERYTHING. It's bad man like I'll never stop playing but geez it's terrible. It's like...idk anymore it's pointless and it'll never be addressed the list is growing daily of issues within the game that are ignored and have been for awhile. Why can't they admit they have things they cannot fix. Well....jat or someone did admit origami dinos are not a glitch but help memory something or another....pathetic.
  15. RaiderofthelostARK

    Evo events explorer notes

    Your a madman! Now the question is....if your at x2 and pop a exploreror note and it doubles your exp...putting you at x4..after that you drink a broth does it add x6 or x8 exp gained ?