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  1. Turret change discussion megathread

    Lol PvP seems fun but with a max tribe of 3 pvp in official is pointless. A 3 man tribe will never be able to breed for stats or muts of their own. Or be capable of ascension or boss fights. PvP is for large tribes of 5 or more active players.
  2. Turret change discussion megathread

    Never played PvP due to how many turrets are around and big tribes. Glad they implemented the change. I've seen videos of mega wars and I will say having 400 turrets is laggy af. Well done wc.
  3. what is a most useless item in ark

    Most useless item in ark? Can two devs be considered items and be tied for most useless? Lol idk I'd have to say the electric prod
  4. Love the game, but bugs and devs attitudes are ruining it.

    They killed all birds in one stone. But one of the birds was very majestic and sadly enough caught in the crossfire. Still dont understand why the quetz got nerfed.
  5. Love the game, but bugs and devs attitudes are ruining it.

    Jesus Christ the flyer nerf was due to base rendering and players constantly disconnecting while flying too fast. Tired of this nonsense about how they implemented it due to players not getting the full map experience.
  6. Questions about the egg laying behavior of tamed titanoboas

    If you can use garbage wyvern eggs....
  7. sequel ARK: Survival Evolved 2 ?

    A very very very very very....VERY...very very very very....deep breth...ill fix that typo in a few months when people complain enough...but continuing...very very very very very very VERY long time. Mannnnnnyyyy years from now.
  8. Ark: Aberration

    I honestly thought for a few seconds you had Intel on a new dino.
  9. Ark: Aberration

    Lol nothing better then 20 mins to fly metal back to base....or crystal...or oil...or eggs....or obsidion....or other dinos....or flying to breed quetz....lordy what a joy it is..
  10. The future of WC

    I'm sure after ARK they will develop another game. But will you purchase any future games made by them based on the existing state of ARK? I've played a few games over the past decade and while ark was my favorite thus far..i have made my mind up to ignore any future projects of theirs only due to say...the last 6 months of the choices they have made. Sad...its WAS a good game at one point.
  11. Am I more suited for PvE?

    For pve find somewhere that isn't already owned. I've played pve for years now. I see alot of people complain about being trolled but that's from talking ish. I've always lived in the swamps so yea. Maybe that's why noone bothers me lol
  12. Server Dino Cap Discussion

    Your missing my point. Due to their incompetence with working on the DLC vs working on the kibble rework for instance. They could've got 50 customers to fork over another 20 bucks each. But due to server issues and what not they will not receive additional money from me. And I'm guessing 1000s of other possible customers won't either. Which is bad cause I love the game.
  13. Server Dino Cap Discussion

    Lol bad math I'm on lunch and it's cold forgive me.
  14. Server Dino Cap Discussion

    Say 100 people buy the game. 80 buy the 60 dollar version. 5600? 20 buy the 100 dollar version. 2000....7600. Then say those 100 players are on a server. 10 stay for awhile and move on to another game. The 90 stay for a bit longer. 70 of them start to complain on server performance. Say out of the 90 50 decide to power through. Due to server performance though 20 bail out completely. 50 players left...the server is better now with less players. Now one new dlc is out. 20 bucks. 30 decide to buy it. 600 bucks vs the initial 7600. The money they make with dlc compared to the actual game is near nothing. This math might be right lol and just random numbers not facts. The point is WC got their money from release not dlc.
  15. Server Dino Cap Discussion

    Back to conspiracies....i think they implemented the 500 tribe limit knowing the server cap would be reached which would make players quit..which results in less server lag. And since wc has their customers money already they don't care. It turned me off when our server hit cap. Needless to say I'm a breeder and have over 50 thyla and 20 doeds and 15 apes. Was working on color muts...I had red doeds and 8 or so different color thylas and red fur and yellow bodied apes that I'm hoping this weekend if I decide to play to can actually get back to trying to get color schemes to mix and for the love of god get some mut male apes. But wc would rather me quit then lag the server.