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  1. Hyena and salts

    At woooooork
  2. Meat runs on Ragnarok

    Well raising 20 rexes is a pain with regular troughs lol..wife hated meat runs
  3. Hyena and salts

    I'm at work..on lunch
  4. Hyena and salts

    Can you place salts on the meat pack? Also does this affect milk?
  5. Meat runs on Ragnarok

    Lol I always build in the swamps. On my server we've taken the swamp islands. Good marina and plentiful paracers
  6. Is the required level 95? Either way you have to be a certain lvl to fight manticore
  7. Any new official pve server released recent few days?

    Go inland on any server...120 for instance...if your on xbox
  8. 70/70

    Press join and then cancel....a and b a and b a and b...iver and over. I've never waited more then 10 mintues.
  9. Servers are laggy as raptor

    Yea it's cool to see them in the forums. They do bust ass though. I haven't played on pc since if I did have a pc again my wife would kill me due to no lifeing dota2. But on console the game runs good until someone dupes or crashes the server. And at ragnoroks release I think our server got ddosd a few times but has stopped since then. But the base lag is insane !
  10. Ark Extinction

    Server 120 pve ragnarok did the same thing...
  11. Looking to move to Ragnarok

    Careful not to block sheep spawns and also care for the gigas and and the random wyverns
  12. Looking to move to Ragnarok

    Yea....not really. Everyone joins pve server 120 and complains about pillers....sure on the outside of the map and people stake land so they don't have to deal with neighbors. But like I'll tell everyone go find another location to build...seriously tired of that complaint..maybe 5 percent of the map is pillered and some of those Pillers protect resorces.
  13. Any tips for getting on 70/70

    Lol on xbox just press a and b until you join Posted from my SM-N920V using ARK: Survival Evolved Community App
  14. Baby wyvern feed timer math

    Is the old way to determine when a baby needs milk still the same? And if so I forgot the math lol it was multiply by something then divide...anyone remember this ?
  15. Render distance turned back?

    More then likely is a reason why the map is so big. With that drawback on rendering fewer dinos meaning less issues right ?