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  1. ... DILO is this evolution event? 3x crop growth - Ok, I get a full set of crops in 20 minutes instead of the current hourish it takes with a greenhouse? 1.5x harvesting - Odd numbers are gonna trigger my OCD. 1.5x cooking effectiveness - It's a good thing that I have a 1400% craft skill character just lying around... /s Don't get me wrong, I do appreciate the experimentation.. but maybe experiment WITH the standard 2x taming/mats?
  2. A few more ideas... Dino-Crushers - Players deal 1/10th damage. Structures take no from players. Dinos deal double damage to players, and quadruple damage to structures. Stone and Metal structures (Barring crafting stations) are disabled. Dinos have 1/10th normal torpor. There is no sun - Gamma disabled. Day is set to pass in 1 second. Always night. Know my hunger - Food drain for dinos and players is increased 20x. Boss's Night Out - Bosses spawn near their respective obelisks at night, and last until defeated, granting their normal rewards. Rotates with 1 always being gam
  3. Static Enviroment - Harvest nodes have 100x HP, respawn nearly instantly, and will respawn regardless of the distance to them. Real Time - Day/Night cycle is set to match a 24 hour cycle. Mating Season - Dinos have almost no CD between mating, baby dinos mature in 100x speed, baby dinos do not lose food, baby dinos ask for an imprint after 10 minutes that instantly maxes their imprinting meter, maybe also increase the bonus stats from imprinting? Epic Lewtz - Loot crate quality is set to over 9000%. Good luck actually making any BPs! Ancient Ruins - Hardcore PvP. Buildings
  4. All-in - Dinos all spawn with ALL leveling points in a single stat, so you get useful stats like pure health and pure damage, or useless stats like pure speed or pure oxygen. Ferocious - Everything is out to get you. Normally peaceful or skittish dinos will attack you asap. Spawn rates for dinos is reduced by half. Docile - The lamb lays with the lion. All dinos are peaceful. Spawn rates for dinos is doubled. Hordes - Dino spawn rate is halfed, but quadruple the number of dinos spawn in the groups. (I.E. if a Dodo spawns, you instead get 4-12 dodos. Bronto, 4-12 brontos. Ect)
  5. Megalania doesn't need changes imo. Strong stats for a small dino. It's climbing gives it a strong utility.
  6. Gallimimus - Quite easily one of the more useless dinos, especially as you now have a number more multi-person transport mounts with better utility then the Gallimimus. Speed - Gallimimus have really great baseline speed (There are a few competitors, and it is no longer the fastest ground mount with the Rock Drake in place), but they have terrible scaling, to the point that numerous other dinos beat it when it comes to speed scaling. Turning - Gallimimus have among the WORST turning capability in the entire game, even worse then a number of the larger dinos. For a small 2 legg
  7. On the topic of the Spino, could we see a bit of a stat boost to match its size, taming difficulty, and saddle level? Baseline Health - 700. I would bump its health on up to 1-1.2k. Weight - I feel its weight should definitely be bumped up to 6-700. At 350, a Trike has almost as much carry! But yea, it would be very nice to have its health bumped up. Right now, its extreme lack of health is the only thing preventing it from being used as a substitute for Rexes in Bossing
  8. Underwater-based PvP, where applicable. Tuso's have a poopting-ton of health, and Dunkles damage reduction made them the best water-soakers. This change brings them more in line with the Mosa.
  9. By inherently higher armor saddles, are you refering to the ease of finding a good Paracer saddle in comparision to a Bronto saddle? Because otherwise they have the exact same armor/armor scaling, so its up to RNG on whether you can get good Paracer or Bronto saddle. Also, what of the more recent dinos in PvP? Should a raiding team bring along a Yuty for the damage/damage reduction buff? I know a Daedon is mandatory for virtually ANY challenging PvP or PvE excursion. Also, on to the topic of rating dinos.. Otter - PvE, A - Heat/Cold resist, that is all. Their abili
  10. At the time of the post, note that Stegos did NOT have the damage reduction vs bullets. Brontos/Paracer's had just gotten nerfed, taking extra damage from turrets. Wyverns are great at killing dinos in a base without turrets, yes, as well as skirmishing outside of bases, but for raiding a "real" base, you don't use Wyverns, because they'll get chewed up by the turrets before you can even blink. Griffins didn't exist, but they def aren't S rank anymore with the huge nerfs to them, and they suffer from the same things as the Wyvern - They get chewed up by Turrets. Yes, killing a lowbie on a Hors
  11. Was browsing through the forums, and I have to say, its a real shame that this thread died. Let me just go ahead and.. necro it a bit. With the release of Aberration, let me share my thoughts on those dinos a wee bit. Roll Rat - PvE, A - Akin to the beaver, gathers wood, but does not have a smithy saddle. Its slow when its not rolling, and rolling consumes metal ingots as you do it. PvP, B - Its rolling allows for quick getaways, and it can carry 3 players to hit a base real quick, and get out. Riders are protected from outside damage while rolling as well. Ravager - PvE, S
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