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  1. Join this growing server and its ever expanding community of helpful admins and player base. Server cluster currently has Ragnarok,Extinction, and Aberration. Ragnarok is the first server tp be created on the cluster with its primary player base residing there. Come join in the fun! -Multipliers- XP: 5x Structure Resist: 5x Gathering: 15x Taming: 15x Mating: 50x Hatching: 50x Raising: 50x -Player stats- HP: 1.5x Stamina: 2x Oxygen: 2.5x Food: 5x Water: 5x Weight: 10x Melee: 2x (10% per level) Movement: 2x (3% per level) Fortitude: 2.5x -Dino Stats- Stamina: 50% increase Weight: 50% increase -RULES- -5 man tribe limit. Alliances are allowed. -No cave and/or Obelisk building. No set distance away, but play it safe. -No building near beaver spawns! -No trolling new players and tribes. Offenders will be destroyed. -No foundation wiping unless you plan on building in the location. Raid for what you want, then leave. -NO MESHING. Automatic ban on first offense. Must have proof if you’re the victim. - - - Rules are subject to change - - -
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