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  1. Mantis Not Laying Eggs

    Don't know why the mantis my thinking was they like to be cold hence they have to be in adobe to make them lay eggs easier. all the ones that are near the aircons lay better than the ones that don't. However! Since this last "worst idea" patch just take the mantis to the island as they go back to normal rates and lay eggs really fast now. if we last that long
  2. Mantis Not Laying Eggs

    And yes both methods need to in the desert
  3. Mantis Not Laying Eggs

    Yes wild ones sorry shoukd have said
  4. Mantis Not Laying Eggs

    Yes you can do 1 of 2 things 1 make a pillar pen 8x8 and 3 high and put alot of mantis females in there with at least 1 male then keep collect females then when you get more mantis and bring it back there will be an egg waiting and you collect it with a wip. make sure to build pen in the desert on a spawn point I got about 20 eggs in about 3 hours of grinding for this. Or 2 with tamed ones make and adobe pen in the desert foundation just round the edge so the sand is exposed and place mantis inside, but the main trick is to have aircons next to each mantis. this works but still slow I get about 10 eggs in 3 hours so in total I get about 30 eggs using both methods at the same time! but for 1 to work you have to be out of render distance and it's best to make the pen where not alot of people go so not to affect this method