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  1. Grunthammer03 left Positive feedback   

    Great Buyer, would do business with again.

    ZippedS0larius was Trading

  2. Velasquez966 left Positive feedback   

    Great selection of dinos. Would totally trade again

    ZippedS0larius was The Seller

  3. madfretter left Positive feedback   

    Solid trader here. Really nice animals.

    ZippedS0larius was Trading

  4. BigRed1227 left Positive feedback   

    Excellent trade! Excellent trader! Got what I was looking for. Will do business in the future

    ZippedS0larius was The Seller

  5. birdndocean left Positive feedback   

    Great Trade, No Problems, Quick & Easy

    ZippedS0larius was Trading

  6. Firenutz99 left Positive feedback   

    Quick and easy, great seller

    ZippedS0larius was The Seller

  7. Pacofou left Positive feedback   

    Great transaction and no problems, very trustworthy.

    ZippedS0larius was Trading

  8. ishi left Positive feedback   

    did 2 different trades with him. No issues, trades went good. would trade with him again in the future.

    ZippedS0larius was Trading

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