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  1. DLS made idiots ?

    DLS made idiots ? Two days in the texture lost 3 crab. Character stuck in a texture sit for 4 hours. Hands to tear who ever did the DLC. Game release back into alpha testing .. do not disgrace!!!
  2. A day under the texture failed two Karkinos. Remove this DLС Aberration from ARK.
  3. Who's gonna start out on an SE map at launch?

    As for me SE dull and boring card. She does not seem to play on this map very quickly bored . this is my opinion .
  4. The Great Migration

    You will see this list today ? Or, as is usually postponed for later
  5. Server Wipe

    Where can I learn about servers which should close before the release of the game ? Said that the list would be the number 22 . Can't find
  6. I think the X3 is too much. as a special bonus very good.
  7. Love the weather

    Yes jerboa is the Savior of the flyers from the Wyvern
  8. Can't pick up wyvern eggs?

    I have a problem with the egg Wyvern. Thought it was just me
  9. There is a problem with squid. why when he grabs Dino to tame .. writes the inscription can't be tamed ?
  10. Ice wyverns / Eggs Not spawning?

    I could not find the egg Wyvern. this bug seems already fixed .
  11. Rex is Stuck. Help?

    You probably will not save his Rex
  12. Can you solo tame mantis

    It is very simple camouflage and insect repellent
  13. Dumped Wyvern Eggs on Ragnarock!!?

    It is necessary with the egg Wyvern and not thrown away.
  14. Can't pick up ice wyvern eggs

    Same problem what to do ?