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  1. Aptem

    Who's playing?

    We continue to live and develop in textures .. yeah
  2. Aptem

    Who's playing?

    "very smart" developers and moderators ... where is the texture fix ?
  3. Aptem

    Who's playing?

    Сообщение Суббота в 21:12 Удалить карту? И вы вызываете идиотов Devs. Yes it is STUPID! Was 100% sure that is not correct breaking through texture.
  4. Aptem

    Who's playing?

    Patch 278.0 does not work. Crooked developers .. not fixed fix textures!
  5. Aptem

    Who's playing?

    Crooked developers .. raptoring where fixed punishments under texture ????... idiots 100% !!!!
  6. Aptem

    Who's playing?

    By removing, I meant to send it for revision. Due to the fact that they were developing the wrong pricing policy (the game was unlikely to bring profit to the WC, before the official release), the WC now adding a paid DLC, And because of this haste, ordinary gamers get low-quality content. Regarding the incoming patch, the game is already half a year is not in the early access and the self-respecting publisher of games conducts beta testing of all innovations and dlc ....
  7. Aptem

    Who's playing?

    the character is constantly in the game. And another question how much do I earn for those 8k hours.
  8. Aptem

    Who's playing?

    And the future patch, will they give me back 12 drakes that sit in the textures? Il you think that support on legacy servers solves such problems? With each passing hour, I'm more and more convinced that the game is aimed at new players who buy the game and then drop it (they pay money, they do not need servers space and everything is fine) But about old players who play almost from the beginning, WC do not care. I have 8K+ hours ark, and now i don't want to continue playing....
  9. Aptem

    Who's playing?

    I fall off in all places on the map .. so lost 9 crabs to 4 drakes!
  10. Aptem

    Who's playing?

    This map is 4 months old .. these idiots are only in the ass in itself.. The day the Dino get stuck in the texture. PVP play in the evolving textures line up.