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  1. 1. Some thought for the non PvP community. 2. Async / mirrored backup of official servers to avoid the regular lag spikes every 10 minutes (or less on some servers). 3. Much better building mechanics - choose whether to snap or not, be able to manually select snap points rather than pixel-precise guessing. Less restrictions on collision with environment / existing placed sections. Blueprint style planning of base building (as in The Forest etc.) 4. More building components - curved wall sections etc. 5. Much reduced default breeding times on official assuming breeding will
  2. This doesn't work for me.. EDIT on further research you need to whack in 4 chibis and you get one back. Got a beaver from 4 dunks
  3. Crystal Isles has a good amount of underwater metal nodes (esp in the north) but I agree with the above - dunkle is too slow + weight is a problem (no cheap equivalent of a argy underwater + logistics is much quicker by air) so its not really worth it for the bit of extra metal it gets over the anky.
  4. Around 50% of our chibis from the turkey event are dunkles, have given up now (all but one of the 5-bone ones are). Personally have had a frog, a sheep (nice pink one), a squid & 6 effing dunkles (similar for my tribemate). Never had a mantis. Tribemate got a broodmother. Only 4 turkeys? Meh There were actually 7 here, but couldn't lay down a trap due to idiot pillaring the whole island.. so just legged it.
  5. Dunno if it was an update today, but also getting a fair few now in CI around the Shoals area.
  6. Never had to enable events either - iirc you only need that command line option if you want to play the event outside its normal time period.
  7. Event colours are definitely active, got some nice oranges, yellows and reds but no turkeys as yet.
  8. Same here on CI official PvE - nowt. Are they just on the standard maps again?
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