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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.


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  1. Recent announcement to NERF stego

    *Turret density nerf announced* "OMG RIP ARK IMPOSSIBLE TO DEFEND AGAINST A SINGLE STEGO" *Stego damage resistance nerf announced* "OMG WILDCARD IS MAKING THE STEGO USELESS" Ark community reactions to balance changes in a nutshell.
  2. Why can't we set up teleporters on aberration

    Scorched Earth's challenge was climate, and had mechanics to match (dangerous weather, heatstroke, insulation values on certain structures, etc). Counters being tames with water sources, special building structures and armor etc. Aberration's challenge is mobility (No flying). Thus all the engrams for counters to this (climbing, gliding, ziplining). Teleportation invalidates the entire theme of Aberration's challenge even more than flying does.
  3. Creatures that should be Reworked in the TLC Pass

    Raptor, Trike, Pachy, Icthy, Megalodon, Compy, Spino, Parasaur, Sarco
  4. Do you want total turret count on the whole server for the tribe or per base average? Or including allies? And from what reference point in time (Before or After transfers?). At the dawn of Ark on Xbox made it about 7 months with ~30 turrets ~100 plants. Wasn't raided, just upgraded to ~100 turrets ~200 plants which lasted about another 5 months before being upped again to ~250 turrets ~500 plants. By the end of legacy we had 3 primary bases on server with ~300 turrets each give or take. Was never actually raided in my entire career on Official Legacy from start to finish. Though that was much more due to my ability to handle/manipulate politics among other things.
  5. Griffin Balance

    Wow excellent nerfs. Almost exactly what I had repeatedly proposed on here and Reddit. Health nerfs culminating in a ~60% reduction, and 50% reduction to dive swipe damage, among a few extra things.
  6. Whats the woman's name in the Aberration trailer?

    The person's DREAM was Ark Park but the person is only noting the similarity of the setting in general (In that there are dinosaurs) and that where they are now is quite a bit different.
  7. Tek vs Heavy Turret

    There's been a lot of Tek turret buffs lately that make them outrageously powerful. Their only limitations are: Requiring a Tek generator and their inability to shoot down projectiles. Otherwise from a sheer DPS standpoint they reign supreme.
  8. I seem to be unable to type in server settings now, and can only adjust with the sliders. Previously as long as I was online there was no problem and I still have things like Crop Growth set to 1000x. I'm online and have no trouble starting or joining any servers, just can't manually change things anymore and it is quite frustrating.
  9. Phiomas are OP

    Phiomias are indeed OP. They are Only Poopers.
  10. Max tamed points you have seen?

    Highest tamed stat I've seen is 58 into health on a tamed stego. Flyers get similar high rolls but they have a higher average in general. 58 on a stego would be comparable to a 67 point roll on a flyer.
  11. Will the Turret Limit make Titanosaurs more Lethal?

    230k wild, it gets cut down to 150k when tamed. Turrets now target any non-covered parts of a tame so despite the high platform build limit you can't get full coverage on any one side. Furthermore I'm not talking from experience watching videos. I'm talking from having seen them in action personally after 5k hours on official PvP and doing the exact hard numbers. Turret density is being nerfed not the turrets themselves. Gigas are horrible tanks even with good saddles (Too costly, too prone to rage). Smart base design can optimize for functionally 50 turrets per side firing not including perimeter turrets softening it up beforehand. Additionally you could push up with paracers/Brontos/stegos to help block shots but that's a lot of extra people. If you've tamed a Titan and have extra people on soakers to push you're likely doing an online raid and thus would be facing snipers/theris/Rexes/gigas impeding your path. Also perimeter turret-covered metal 'blockade' structures make it hard to push up enough to cover the Titan to bust those down to keep going. The massively forward neck/head means turrets will often prioritize the Titan above other things 'ahead' of it as it both overreaches them and is at a substantially higher height. If you're using a Titan and extra soakers to push on an offline base, you're offline raiding wrong...
  12. Will the Turret Limit make Titanosaurs more Lethal?

    Tamed Titan health is 150k with a 1 armor saddle (only 4% damage resistance). 25 regular autos would cut it down in 21 seconds. 50 regular autos would cut it down in 11 seconds. 25 heavy autos would cut it down in 6 seconds 50 heavy autos would cut it down in 3 seconds. So yea borderline useless for raiding, only decent for post-raid demo work.
  13. [Fixed in v275.4] The silent Giga nerf

    A 290% shotgun has like 928 damage per hit full hit to unsaddled tames so not sure on your surprise there. And I find your claims fairly silly in general with claims of gigas enraging to alpha carnos. We were killing Alpha Carnos on the daily with low level gigas, even occasional Alpha Rexes with the same low levels and prim saddles. With our 100% imprinted gigas we can solo wild gigas and wild titans (albeit with lots of health lost) and not even with maxed saddles.
  14. QUESTION: Why do you choose Official?

    What I meant by "way the game is meant to be played" is from a technical standpoint. The rates, the freedom of choice, the overall mechanics.
  15. Griffin Balance

    They aren't supposed to, that isn't their niche. Things are balanced when the Excel at or compete evenly with other things in a single role. Rex and Raptor occupy different niches and shouldn't be competing with each other. The Raptor competes with things like terror birds, wolves, sabers, etc and could still use some of that promised TLC. But to say the Griffin is ok to be unbalanced because not all land mounts can fight each other straight up is a terrible argument.