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  1. Lol I've seen deathwalls with dozens of turrets get cheesed by sprinters on foot. No Loss disadvantage just pure armor+speed. You are seriously suggesting it is a flaw of the builder that his deathwall can be speed blitzed by humans faster than gallis? "What is C4?" Wooden spikes are a great way to block turret Loss and let people recover, or use just 1 more piece of C4.
  2. Ultimately a pretty minor drawback compared to being able to cheese mass turrets and out sprint virtually all land dinos no problem. That would actually be a pretty good way to balance movement speed in general I think
  3. So basically your argument is "Hi my name is Teddansen and I don't care about game balance for Official PvP" Plant Y now decays in 30 minutes after placement so unless you're replacing your plant y fields every half hour they're worthless as anything but situational defense.
  4. what is a most useless item in ark

    Wow you and I have very different opinions on the definition of useless. Tek cloning chamber is amazing if you know how to manipulate it. Breed sleeper gigas to get high melee giga you can clone for relatively low element, less then half the time to raise normally, and zero effort. Hatch/tame mid level Wyverns/Elementals/Griffins to look for the rare one that has exceptional stats then replicate it for a low element cost. Refertilizer is cheap for reconcealing small bases. Also a cheaper alternative to vault dropping trolls if you know how to do it. Primitive fur is essential for starting out in the snow. Not flawless but needed to not die quickly all the time and works very well with a little fortitude. BPs are obviously prefferred but until you get on your feet it is a must. Desert cloth can be repaired with stockpiled resources as well as having good hydration bonuses and the goggles provide a decent boost to visibility in sandstorms GPS is valuable for describing positions/locations exactly to large amounts of people who don't use the same local lingo you/your tribe use. Tent has niche use but is far from useless Catapult is amazing for tearing down stone parts of bases/species x from out of turret range for very little cost. Likewise for the ballista with the added functionality of chain bolas. Fought a skilled Quetz crew of 1 flyer 1 minigun, 1 chain bola ballista. Let's say it didn't end well for me on the wyvern lol. Adobe. Seriously, have you ever played scorched? Stone and especially metal are basically instant death. Sure it is weak but that's why you double layer it as the interior on a metal structure.
  5. Pure health build = 1240 health. Congrats you can survive an unarmored headshot from a 1 250% or less fab sniper round, or tank 15 turret bullets (dead by ~7 turrets in 1 second), or survive any fall. And literally nothing else. All of these feats are essentially accomplishable by wearing ~ramshackle flak with zero points in health and having some parachutes (soon to be glider suits with abberation). An utter waste of a character. Wearing high dura armor is MUCH more effective but combining them makes very little difference as once it breaks most turret setups will kill you in less than 1 sec anyways. Pure stam build = 1240 stam. Congrats you can now run slowly almost forever and literally nothing else. Pointless. Pure oxy build = 2380 oxy. Congrats you're reasonably quick in water and don't need air for ~12min and literally nothing else. A set of Flippers+tank is vastly superior to a pure oxy build. Pure food/water is obviously not even worth talking about. Pure weight build = 1240 weight. You can carry a lot but that's it with no real PvP application except maybe setting up a FOB or hauling Loot. You can skip the hassle and just have any other player whip everything up and just drag them to where they need to go. Pure melee build = 670% melee. Punches insta KO players with zero armor or fortitude. Clubs deal near max torp to players with zero armor or fortitude. You get this at the cost of being extremely fragile and slow (not good for actual melee combat). Your entire build is invalidated by high quality flak/riot+some fortitude, or speed+guns, or any of those with the whip meta. Pure crafting build = 1240%. You can get a decent chance to roll a bonus on BP crafts of 32-64% but still roll 1% crafts as well and literally nothing else. Since damage/armor gets capped at certain values all that it is great for is saving material on lower quality stat BPs as you get MC/Asc quality out of JM/App BPs. Pure fortitude build = 228 fortitude. You can survive with a snowflake/small flame in very cold/hot conditions but will still die in more extreme temperatures. You will almost always die before being knocked out and any torpor gained diminishes very rapidly. But ultimately you still die extremely easily and the build is invalidated by some fortitude+riot+stimulant. Pure speed build = 271% speed. You now run as fast as a gallimimus (Literally). I you can out run virtually everything in the game. Put on decent armor high dura flak and you can suicide mass turret deathwall with rockets. You literally walk faster than most wilds can even sprint. For perspective, even with simply 100 armor, if you had enough dura on flak you could survive 5 Longneck shots to the head or 52 turret bullets (Dura to do that would be 1225). More realistically you'd have MC flak with ~600 dura. That means you can still tank nearly twice as many bullets as a pure health build except you now sprint at Galli sprint speeds. None of the other stats are broken like speed is. Good armor + speed allows you to tank like a pure health build but with the speed of the fastest land mount in the game. Speed + Good armor + rockets/C4 will cheese all but the most dense turret coverages. No other stat when maxed is nearly as effective. Ultimately more multi-role/general PvP builds involve multiple stats, generally 300-500 health, 100-200 stam, 250-400 weight, 0-30 fortitude, 100-200% melee, 130%-200% speed etc. But that doesn't diminish the fact that even my level 100 build with 130% speed can cheese light turret boxes with no extra people to draw fire, or that other 160%-200% builds can cheese other much larger turret emplacements, especially with a few decoy runners. No other stat is that powerful.
  6. A quick Poll
  7. But is it? I don't know let's do the math! Assume Official rates so ~20 poly per penguin. Lets say they all get the shortest breeding cooldown, so that's 9 baby penguins every 18hrs for 0.5 penguins per hour. We also have to remember that Organic spoils at a rate of 2 per stack per hour as well. Here's a chart of how the continuous stockpile would grow between collections: Hour 0 Poly 10 Hour 1 Poly 18 Hour 2 Poly 24 Hour 3 Poly 28 Hour 4 Poly 32 Hour 5 Poly 34 Hour 6 Poly 36 Hour 7 Poly 38 Hour 7 Poly 40 Hour 8 Poly 42 Hour 9 Poly 42 You would either produce ~10 poly/hr if checked hourly, or ~4.667 poly/hr if checked every 9hrs. That's assuming you have the penguins all popping pretty much perfectly on time all the time and getting a 20 poly harvest per. In reality with sync'd up penguins you would get ~180 Organic every 18 hours, and it would all spoil in 5hrs from collection. Pump it up to 18 female penguins and with simultaneous hatches you'll get ~360 per 18hrs spoiling in 5hrs or with carefully timed hatches: Hour 0 Poly 20 Hour 1 Poly 36 Hour 2 Poly 48 Hour 3 Poly 58 Hour 4 Poly 66 Hour 5 Poly 72 Hour 6 Poly 76 Hour 7 Poly 80 Hour 8 Poly 84 Hour 9 Poly 86 Hour 10 Poly 88 Hour 11 Poly 90 Hour 12 Poly 92 Hour 13 Poly 92 So 20 organic per hour checked hourly or ~7.1 poly per hour checked every ~13 hours I think to be truly worth the hassle you'd want a peak "checked hourly" production of 60 Poly. To achieve that you'd need 1 male ~54 females for a production like: Hour 0 Poly 60 Hour 1 Poly 108 Hour 2 Poly 146 Hour 3 Poly 176 Hour 4 Poly 200 Hour 5 Poly 220 Hour 6 Poly 236 Hour 7 Poly 248 Hour 8 Poly 258 Hour 9 Poly 266 Hour 10 Poly 272 Hour 11 Poly 276 Hour 12 Poly 280 Hour 13 Poly 284 Hour 14 Poly 286 Hour 15 Poly 288 Hour 16 Poly 290 Hour 17 Poly 292 Hour 18 Poly 292 That's some serious 24/7 baby penguin murder right there.
  8. Server Dino Cap Discussion

    One of my main questions regarding the tame cap/PvE is why the focus on having obnoxiously large kibble farms? I strictly play Official PvP with 5.2k+ hours but watch trading pages like a hawk and ultimately there isn't that much of a difference if at all between high-tier stats on tames between PvE and PvP. Yet PvP does not require absurd kibble farms to accomplish this. 2 weeks into legacy we had tamed enough rexes/got lucky enough with our taming to acquire high enough health and damage stats to beat the hard bosses (short of the dragon which requires a more diverse lineup/strategy). All with plenty of eggs/kibble to spare. Likewise I have higher Allo/Spino/Theri/etc stats then I've seen on any PvE post. All acquired without obnoxious amounts of kibble farm tames or obnoxious amounts of breeding. Ultimately you would think PvP players need even MORE tames then PvE because minor differences in stats can influence the greater outcome of wars, as well as requiring more 'fodder' to fight wars period. Whereas PvE is looking at insanely lower risk for having marginally lower stats and insanely higher diminishing returns for having marginally higher stats. My only thought on this is that perceptions are easily skewed making people believe certain things are the case when they're not. For starters it seems like there can ever only be so many eggs of one species down at the same time. So therefore your egg production isn't exactly [Egg Rate]*[Number of Layers]*[Multipliers]=eggs produced, but more like [Egg Rate]*[Number of YOUR Layers]/[Number of TOTAL Layers on Server]*[Multipliers]=eggs produced. Following that formula you get two conclusions for an optimal egg output. Egg Rate and max multipliers are constants and the only value you can influence is the number/ratio of your layers. For the first max output 1 tribe has ALL or the vast majority of Layers for X species (Not even needing an absurd amount as if their is a max on eggs dropped at any time you'll hit peak production quickly). A secondary option would be that all large enough tribes mandate that there is a MAX amount of Layers per tribe so that if everyone hits it all their egg rates will be the same. Otherwise you create a vicious cycle. Tribe A tames 6 of Species X and gets peak production. Zero communication happens and Tribe B tames 6 of Species X as well, functionally cutting both their production to half of what 'peak' would be. But they both don't realize this and just tame more and more thinking they can improve their egg rates when in reality 'peak server egg production' was already reached at 6 (6 is just an arbitrary example number). Furthermore I find, after 5.2k+ hours, frequency of checking has a greater impact on functional egg production than anything else. For example we had loads of Argies at a former base, organized but not on a 'main' walking path within the base. Egg gather rates was extremely slow. Moved base locations and suddenly the new spot for agries was in the most trafficked location in the base. Literally hundreds of Argen eggs gathered within a week. No change to total number of Argens, just to how frequently people walked past them. At the old base we could have had 10x the Argens and not matched the gather rate of the relative few that people were walking by every few minutes at the new base. This has held true for every species so far and is a primary design consideration for me now whenever I plan bases. If you have to go out of your way to check for eggs beyond simply doing everyday things, your collection rate will be miniscule compared to a lesser amount of egg layers that you simply walk by all the time anyways. When we needed mass eggs produced we'd just have the layers moved right along the main walking paths and presto, mass egg collection without taming mass kibble dinos. Now granted this is all from an Official PvP perspective and I'm not tuned to the climate of PvE, but I do have well over 5k hours on official period and have an extremely firm understanding of the underlying mechanics of the game. But I am interested in getting further opinions on those thoughts from PvE players as well because while extremely knowledgeable I am far from infallible.
  9. How To Grind Metal

    ~20 refining forges ~=~ 1 Indy forge.
  10. Anyone breed turtles anymore?

    Occasionally. I mean they're like the easiest raise in the game and against plants/non survivors only turrets they are the best tanks in the game for the cost. Stegos get ripped up by plants pretty hard but turtles still do well against them.
  11. Neutrality isn't a sign of weakness, more like wisdom. While Supremacy and Django are duking it out they and others are sitting by building stronger and stronger. Amazing what can be achieved when you aren't concerned with petty feuds and bragging rights.
  12. Club torpor new update

    Fortitude also provided a slight buffer from temperature and on top of reducing incoming torp it speeds up how quickly you recover/lower applied torp. Someone with 20 fortitude wakes up MUCH faster than someone with zero.
  13. The Definitive Dino DPS Guide

    Tamed gigas do not have a bleed effect, only wilds do.
  14. The Definitive Dino DPS Guide

    #1. High DPS on the Dire creatures but wolves are saddle less and super fragile and bears lack the health to compete with larger carnivores #2. Theri has an armor piercing effect as well as 200 more base health vs Spinos. A ~15% advantage in DPS in favor of the spino (though his results on Spinos, theris, and Rexes differs considerably compared to my testing and other testing I've seen even with the same methods which otherwise rank Spino barely > Rex slightly > Theri) does not make up for a ~30% lower health. In a rider scenario the Spino had much greater knockback, AoE, and trample damage to consider though. #3. I suspect a systemic issue with his attack speeds. Literally timing and counting bites over a period of time I was getting 1.05/sec vs his 1.2/sec and there are clear differences in hit rates between Rexes and others listed at 1.2 #4. Not always. Allos are much faster, turn on a dime, and deal %health damage while drastically slowing targets. Realistically an Alpha Allo does it's normal DPS+%health so vs a level 1 Rex it would do the 78 or so plus an additional 11 dps from bleed for a total of 89. Against a level 1 tamed giga it would be 78+170 for 248. The bleed dps also applies regardless of saddle armor. Rexes are bite and tank, Allos are hit and run (as bleeding targets have zero hope to catch the Allos).
  15. Best ascendant blueprints?

    Pike, crossbow, Rex saddle, stego saddle, flak chest. Those are the best PvP BPs for Ascendant material costs really.