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    Game Crash?

    Might be a silly question but are your Drivers up to date? Also have you've done any of the forced Ascensions in singleplayer? Using those commands has caused me a host of issues until I Ascend on Gamma/Beta levels again. If you Ascend Alpha you might run into issues with the game. I know I couldn't open type crates on any servers without it killing my game... I'd double check all your Drivers and see if Ascend Gamma/Beta helps with anything.
  2. The first two are problems that might not see a fix for a while but I can help with the third one. Once you break a hive and notice the Queen trapped in that mess of other hives just stop attacking. She can be tamed in that stage, just toss on your Ghillie/Bug repellant race up to her glitched out part and spam 'E'. You will end up gathering all the other Hives honey first but all the other bees should be trapped inside the hives as well. Once they are all empty you can just spam 'E' between feedings while looking at her rump or wings and it should still allow for taming. I caught a few Queens just last night like this and I worked pretty dandy for me. Honestly, I find it easier with the bug since no bees will attack you and you won't need to chase the Queen all over the dang map!
  3. I've yet to experience these issues myself. If you are running a dedicated server, are you running one of your own hardware or do you have a host company providing the server for you? If it's your own setup it, especially if you are running it off the same PC that you are playing with it might just be stress on the system causing some issues. If you have an alternate host then their hardware might be damaged. I'd ask them to switch your server. You will lose all your progress but it might fix your issues. I had a server with Bluefang Solutions back in the day and my server was a disaster with them until they moved me onto a new server. I lost everything but it fixed the issues that were plaguing me.
  4. Foundations/Roof pieces placed directly under usually provide the leverage needed to free the Spino. If all else is lost and you REALLY love that Spino a Tek Transporter placed down should work, that is, if you can.
  5. Like everyone else is stating the Tek Transporter usually works just fine. I've had luck with my own Drakes getting stuck by just whistling and running away from them. I'm sure you've tried it but if not I'd give that a shot.
  6. I've been watching you, Dad, aint that cool. I'm your buckaroo, I wanna be like you. Eat all my food and grow as strong as you are

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