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  1. I am having the same issue and its not fun, I do hope someone reports it to the bug department by the hundreds
  2. Seprate crafting folders bug from Homestead will the new building pieces ever get put it the right folder locations instead of having their own separate ones that are totally confusing?
  3. I am having them disappear as well as flexi water pipes and the new fence supports wont align keeps saying cant place here but I can place a classic fence foundation just fine
  4. Where are you? why not come to our server and join us
  5. the anky is still harvesting bushes and shrubs while it doesnt yield berries for the most part is still destroys bushes that are needed for collecting fiber and such and wanted to know if it would get fixed and yes I am aware I have bad spelling ad grammer
  6. the reason its being delayed is because sony and Microsoft want cerification on what games enter their systems and it takes longer to process
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