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  1. Last time I saw a post the devs on the tracker awhile back said the raptors are working as intended
  2. Dung Beetles and oviraptors have never harvest eggs or feces from domestic dinos however oviraptors will steal wild dino eggs both tame and wild oviraptors tamed ones have to be commanded to, I still get a kick out of the way they look around then grab the egg and run off like in a 1920's cartoon
  3. if its Scorched earth it was made to only allow snapping of pipe s on pvp from what I have learned and on pve, and I think its backwards thinking on the designing of the game but on ragnarok and valguero you can run pipes from them just not SE
  4. I recommend either saving it to trade with or for later use when you have the expansion or give to a friend or toss it its no big deal either way just do what you wish with it also yes you need the expansion to craft it
  5. Hello there I noticed a lot have viewed this but didn't reply, I am sorry your having a rough time, your welcome to come to legacy valguero 936 and chat with our community, and I wish you the best also my name is rocko in ark so if you do see me let me know
  6. I really don't get why people get why people don't use fence foundations and walls and pillars between them its more detailed and looks way better than that gate stuff then again I moved to valguero and we don't use fences of gates for anything the worse we have is raptors and the ocasional rex or alpha and random allos but they stopped coming near the base
  7. I haven't bothered with them I don't really care about lvls anymore just use them as recreation nd ignore them as they are such a new feature its likely they wont be fixed anytime soon
  8. bring either long ranged guns even powerful pump shotguns do massive dmg or bring a few velonasaurs also bring meat for them
  9. Likely this patch killed off players that have quit but caused more errors then they thought of, hopefully you aren't on legacy so should file a ticket and get it fixed otherwise your screwed Current Server Version: v304.42 - 1/7/19 Applied a one time disabling of replication (invisible) on all sleeping (logged off) players on all Official PvE servers. After logging back onto servers, the players will again replicate (visible) and will continue to remain so for subsequent sleeps. Following this update, if players have been offline for a continuous 2 week time period, their sleeping bodies will no longer replicate. This change will improve both client and server performance by reducing the amount of sleeping bodies that will need to be replicated.
  10. arthropleura doesnt damage stone etc arthropleura cannot damage stone in pve from what i have been experiencing today. double checked everything and all the stone is fine
  11. Ark is a strange animal it's often proven hard to tame but in time you can show it you aren't afraid and will never give up, aka put a few turrets inside your builds and no they wont shoot your babies unless there velonasaurs
  12. while I cannot help you one of the best ways to find a tribe is to spend time on a server wit ha nice community and get to know them and show you can be of help and in time I am sure someone will invite you, sorry that I couldn't help more
  13. make sure you have access to the content if you don't have the extra maps downloaded they wont allow you to enter them
  14. try logging out and selecting that server and logging in and see if it gives you the option to download a character there is a bug that sometimes causes your character to get duplicated for some reason I am not sure how it happens but I know this is the solution to fixing it ps the character has all current and future tribe and imprint access
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