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  1. Here’s a valid point, this games unbalanced pvp is going to make so that as soon as transfers are open to valguero everyone built there will likely get wiped due to a lack of meta Dino’s. Only two types of wyverns, no reapers, griffins, limited wyverns. Come on devs.... these limitations army going to keep people from having these Dino’s regardless because you can always trade for them. I’ve already bought your dlc regrettably. Your not losing out on any money because the people who were going to pay for scorched, Abb, extinction, have already got them. Try focusing on what brings joy to your community just like every other successful game company. Please and Thank you.
  2. I agree the meta is so out of balance right now. I think they should just need the mana freeze ability to no longer de mount rider. That would help.
  3. Valguero Freezes upon Log In Pretty self explanatory there. I logged on 4x this morning before work, every time I did the game renders then freezes immediately. Does anyone know how to combat this issue?
  4. 25 Player Tribes Dear wildcard From a working class gamer that has limited time to play ark but also loves the pvp on official I would like to say that having an official game mode that lies in between official server and 6 man would be the perfect game mode to release on console. I’ve grinded the ladder of 6 man and after you become an alpha force it’s extremely time consuming to maintain and defend your base on 6 man tribes. Not only do you have to worry about getting offlined by teaming tribes but keeping tribemates active also has a large portion to do with how successful a tribe is. Myself and the rest of the console community would agree that adding a larger tribe limit to 6 man/ adding a new fresh game mode with increased rates and a tribe cap would be extremely beneficial for your player base and would likely bring tons a players back to the console world. Thanks for your consideration. Hope to hear some good news soon on upcoming content.
  5. Nerf Manas, These made up creatures are by far the most power and break the meta. They swim under water like fish for Christ sake. How is it you make this tame the fastest, breedable, saddle enabled, freeze ray organic in the game yet wyverns don’t stand a chance in a fight. It’s bull in my opinion and destroying the diversity of the pvp gameplay. Please do something about this wildcard
  6. Nerf Managarmr Dear Ark devs i would like to argue a few decisions that you have made in terms of the Managarmr. It wasn’t too long ago that you made an overall flyer nerf across the board. Taking away the ability to upgrade movement, high stamina upgrades, etc. I remember the whole point of this was to make other Dinos, i.e. land Dino’s more viable. Then extinction drops and all the changes you’ve made just got thrown out the window. Not only is the Managarmr the fastest flyer in the game, but it has a broken freeze ray ability, swims under water as if it were born there, and has an extremely high health pool. Currently the pvp system for this game is utter non sense and kills the diversity of the game. From a players standpoint diversity in a game is what keeps the gameplay feeling fresh and fun. Please do something about these broken flyers or at the very least buff wyverns so it feels like we have more options from a pvp standpoint. Hope your actually listening
  7. Yup just confirmed my characters duped but one is stuck on server now so that’s hype to an extent. Hopefully they release a patch that will get them unstuck
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