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  1. Nford

    Secure saddle straps!

    At least you don't seem to take fall damage, you just log back in at the same place, but on the ground... assuming dinos don't eat you.
  2. Yes, I'm a student of history, and castles became ineffective with the advent of gunpowder, at which point we switched to earth berms to absorb the impact from cannons. There's always new technology developing, followed by ways to counter it. But, throughout history it is consistently harder to attack than it is to defend. Yet we don't have any of the options for higher tier defenses. We don't have missile defense systems(no, ATs don't count), we don't have camouflage, we don't have ways to effectively hold off attacking forces. It disproportionately stacks towards offensive strategies. The Japanese didn't have effective defense against a nuclear bomb...but we do now... Well, I hope they're effective, we've never had to use them. Edit: A lot of castles are still standing
  3. I would personally prefer greatly enhanced defense, the way it works IRL. There's a reason forts/castles/etc were built, it gives a massive advantage to defenders. The way the current system works it's much easier to destroy than it is to build.
  4. My server hasn't dropped below 250 in 3 days. Womp.
  5. Nford


    Looking to find new people to play with. Just starting out on the new cluster. Message me or JordyYKatry for more info
  6. Nford

    Taming Skill

    Interesting idea!
  7. Nford

    Statement on Reddit

    I've always said the same thing. I've never gotten so much entertainment out of 50$... even if it never entered a released status I would consider it money well spent.
  8. Nford

    Statement on Reddit

    Sometimes radio silence is the only valid option if you don't want to get fired. They may have been ordered not to say anything about it, or not to use the official site to speak on it. They may have fully intended to only do a 10% wipe, then two weeks later they get an email from their corporate overlords saying "Hey, need more money. Stop customer support of legacy and wipe the bottom 1/3 of servers to repurpose for new revenue." We don't know how hard they MAY (not fanboying over here, just arguing possibilities) have fought to try and stick to their word, hence the silence while trying to get their bosses to agree. They may have even been ordered to not talk about the financial situation on here... If that's the case then having Jen make an unofficial statement on Reddit might have been the best they were allowed to do, in that case she wasn't necessarily speaking as a representative of the company and was risking her job to talk to the base they obviously listen to... I honestly don't know all the backstory, and neither does anyone in the forums. How do you think it would feel to be these devs and be forced to go back on your word, and then to be absolutely ripped up one side and down the other for lying. I REALLY wish we'd gotten a "Hey guys, I know we said this but the financial realities being what they are we are going to have to go back on our earlier statements. We're sorry."... it would have gone a long way with me... but once again the corporate world doesn't always allow this level of transparency and it's really easy for higher ups in the hierarchy to make decisions based around profit and then force their underlings to carry out the emotionally devastating job of carrying it out. This is like getting mad at your boss for being the mouthpiece of firing you, when HIS boss's boss told him he had to fire the newest employee by end of day.
  9. Nford

    Statement on Reddit

    No one is talking about how Ark isn't necessarily the one making this choice. Ark was bought by Snail Games in December of 2015. Just because they made 270 million (I'm assuming your information is correct for the sake of argument) it doesn't mean those are all funds they have access too. Their parent company essentially gets the money and then portions X amount back to them to be able to use, not to mention they dictate the size the company is allowed to be. And if your response is just "Well, why don't they just say this?", then you've never worked in a corporate setting with multiple business units... you NEVER talk bad about your parent company or blame anything on them. It's just the way these corporations work.
  10. Yep, sure, respond to a literal reading of my statement rather than replying to the point I was making. I'll be happy to retract my statement if Jeremy says he was misquoted
  11. Journalists don't say they're going to release someone's statements in full, and then misquote them. If they had done that then Jeremy wouldn't have allowed the quotes to stay. Their games reviews are completely irrelevant to discussing quotes provided to them.
  12. I really thought that it didn't have that extra disclaimer of updates and expansions when he originally made the update he's referring to in my screenshot, but it was edited up until 7/28 so I don't know what changes may or may not have been made
  13. Idk, man. I kind of consider Jat's word to be about as official as it gets. I coulda sworn that I saw him update it to say full support, as he said he did in that forum post (on the State of the Ark post), but it's hard to say because the post was updated 7/28 and it doesn't show us a record of changes. I would not be surprised if they decided to throw in the disclaimer about maps and update support later, but I have no evidence of that. You want to talk about logic, but then say "They have kept their word" and "changed their mind" in the same post.... you do realize that when you change your mind about a commitment it's called not keeping your word? And they did say they weren't planning on wiping Legacy servers. Read Jeremy's interview with PC Gamer, here's a snippet from towards the end... I promise, I have pretty great reading comprehension, and I've posted screenshots of "decision changes" on other comments on this thread. As I've stated before, I understand the necessity of making these changes, I would just like an acknowledgment that they messed up on their calculations.
  14. He over promised. I bet he wildly overestimated the number of truly "dead" servers, so when push came to shove the financial reality was that they had to cut X number, which meant cutting ones with human activity. But instead of saying "Yes, we know we promised X, but the financial reality is that we need to do Y, we apologize" they are just pretending like they never said these things