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  1. Vesuvious

    pve WeAreLegion Ragnarok PvE Primal Fear

    Bumpity bump
  2. Vesuvious


    as the title suggests.... can we please have this a a config option. We deliberately have our tames and metal tier decay and autodestruct together. But it would definately help if tames left scattered around the map decayed faster.
  3. Vesuvious

    pve WeAreLegion Ragnarok PvE Primal Fear

    Added Primal Fear Boss expansion
  4. Vesuvious

    pve WeAreLegion Ragnarok PvE Primal Fear

    Good crew so far ... noob friendly bunch
  5. Vesuvious

    Countdown Chat Reveal!!

    Dear Wilcard Studios.... It would be much appreciated if your new stuff reveal included chat options... you know... the ones that Everyone wants... color/font resize options/window resize options/opaqueness options./MUTE-BLOCK player/PM player. I realize this is a game suggestion... and may get moved there.... but DILO reads that forum? P.s. good click bait tho huh 😎 Ty bye
  6. Vesuvious

    Structure Decay Changes

    @Jat ... can you PLEASE pleasepleasepleaseplease pretty please implement PER tier structure decay timer options for .ini's pLease!
  7. I do confess its super duper sad watching baby jerboa die in your face coz u cant feed them fast enough lol
  8. Vesuvious

    Engram points for Structures plus

    A forced mindwipe is highly likely. I will not be suprised if the bulk of s+'s implemenation is structure/snap options with other parts limited to pve. Things like being able to pick up structures (with full health AND a cooldown) More .ini options for server admins. Things of that nature. Most of s+ is too op for official pvp
  9. Id like to forget my first week. Its kinda like being envious of people watching Star Wars for the first time.