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  1. Great cluster, well run. PvP / mod / qol balance is taken into account. You can have a life And play Ark PvP!
  2. Thanx for this ? good to know its in the pipeline. I have noticed recently that fliers spawned in with commander & A.C.M. mod when using classic flyers... do not have speed stat increase available. Although this is probably Classic Flyers issue. .. just thought id mention it ?
  3. No Replies to this? is anyone successfully using the admin RCON?
  4. Couple of things. RCON.... is it working as intended yet? If i try to use it to chat, Ark Commander crashes and closes. Would like to know if its the RCON not working yet or something on my end. The Teleport..... will there be an option to "bookmark my current location?"
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