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  1. The biggest issues people have with ASA in priority order: Performance optimization. Players cannot run the game smoothly on above average PCs. Many players refunded ASA and keep playing ASE because of the performance. Some ASA players just play ASE because their friends could not switch over due to performance issues. People hate ini but use it because it is the way to play around said performance issues. Some players use ini in order to PvP with the new character system + introduction of extra grass and bushes. And for people that believe that ini should be part of the game as it makes PvP better: Imagine you play CS2 and you throw a smoke, but the guy on the enemy team doesn't see it because he uses a weird command. Now imagine the same for flashes or even other game assets. Removing any asset from the game should not be a thing. Period. Enforcement. Many players are turned down due to the lack of action against cheaters. We all know that cheating is not going away, but with cheaters not going away (not getting banned) players just choose to go away themselves. Overall game balance. We all understand that balancing a game this complex is extremely hard but seeing balance changes will give players hope and they will be patient until you guys get it right. Lack of content. I know you guys are probably doing your best when it comes to working on maps so the only real thing that can be changed here is that you guys update us regularly about your progress on future DLCs. New character system. The harsh reality is that the new character system is a downgrade in every aspect. The characters look worse than before, move worse than before, have worse hitboxes than before and have horrible scaling in comparison to the whole environment. Many players just don't have faith in the studio. The only real way of restoring that is with a series of right moves and you guys better be sure that we (content creators) will let them know when you make a right move! Here are some of my suggestions when it comes to the future of ASA (not in chronological order): Fix the issues listed above. Introduce a skins system. If implemented in a way similar to CS:GO/CS2 or Rust, an ARK skins system would create a market for ARK players and bring a constant cashflow. Limited time sales will give value to said skins and further promote future sales as people would not want to miss a skin. The funds generated by the skins system will add stability and sustainability to Studio Wildcard. These funds can be reinvested into development of DLCs and scaling of the enforcement team. Make the game FREE. Making the game free will bring a large amount of new people to it. In my vision, ARK: Survival Ascended should be a free game that comes with The Island. New people play the game, get hooked, purchase some skins and eventually want to explore more of the game and purchase the future DLCs you guys release. At first glance this idea might be looked at negatively as cheaters should increase with the game being free, but it doesn't matter if the game is free or $50 if the cheaters just don't get banned. With my concept, cheating on The Island will be most common, but cheating on other DLCs will remain the same as it is right now. Let's assume that each DLC will be $20 and there will be 6 DLCs in total. That is $120 just in DLCs and then $50 for the base game. Cheaters that would cheat on every map will get a $50 discount but in the grand scheme of money spent on the game these $50 don't make that big of a difference. On the other hand, cheating is a part of every game that exists and will never disappear. Although I do agree that efforts towards improving the anti-cheat are worth, efforts towards increasing enforcement capacity and removing corrupt parts of enforcement are much more impactful. It doesn't matter if the game is free or $50 if cheaters just don't get banned. Please watch this video and just consider the things said in there. I wouldn't mind my ideas being turned down, but I just want them to be considered. The comment section is also a great place to gather feedback! https://youtu.be/tqwexrzMo_o
  2. Awesome suggestion! Either removing the mouse smoothing or having it as a tick box in the menu would be great. It makes weapon PvP really hard and not enjoyable!
  3. Any word on the prizes and when we should expect them? Thanks!
  4. I just wanted to ask about the prizes since I last received some at August 8th. And I am waiting on 100$ form community crunch 100 (August 12th). I won 100$ from community crunch 99 (August 5th) and 50$ from community crunch 95 (June 10th) but only received 100$ on August 8th.
  5. A lot of great entries this week but one stood out to me. Blue Dragon had some awesome screenshots and hands down the best PGM I've seen so far! I am honestly impressed by it. Anyway community crunches have become a lot more competitive lately and I definitely like it! Good luck to everyone, see you next week!
  6. Just wanted to ask a quick questin about the steam giftcards. Did we recieve them as Paypal money or they are going to be processed in the future?
  7. It looks very good and futuristic. I really enjoyed the trailer and I am stoked about the tier. But I suggest it to be very hard to get/almost impossible since it might become very gamebreaking. Otherwise it looks awesome. We support you!
  8. One of my screenshots is named Icelands but it is not the one displayed in the 360 Stereo section. You just swapped them.. it doesn't really matter but I decided to point it out.
  9. Yes there will be a highlight for everything they showed.
  10. I only focused on how it looked and felt but it is in very early stages and has some bugs, and also it is very big and that makes it even harder to optimize.
  11. Some awesome entries yet again. ARKitect was awesome. Ansel was as always full of some great entries! And overall a very good crunch. Looking forward to the next pach.
  12. There is a slight mistake in the title. You misspelled Patch.
  13. The Extra Life is a very good idea! Going to tune in for sure! I am also looking forward to the next patch. PGMs loading faster will be a very good addition along with the new dinos and cave redesigns.
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