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  1. Hello, im playing in Xbox official on gen 2. I went to uncryopod my reaper king and it say it cannot deploy failed to spawn. it’s not max level. It’s like 291. All my other games seem to be fine. Is this a gen 2 issue or what? Others in my server are spawning them just fine. What’s the deal? Is this a way to stop duped Dino or something? That’s the only other thing I’ve seen in my search for an answer. This thing was got legit.
  2. I’m on Xbox. I haven’t changed anything. So I’m guess this is supposed to happen?
  3. So I’m playing gen 2 obviously and I went to type into the global chat. I was watching a Stryder and spino fighting when I went to type in global. When I did that, I was aimed right at the spino and it’s statistics popped up. They stayed up and then went away. I did it for the styder too and it works on tames. Is this supposed to happen? A feature I’ve just discovered after so many years or is this a glitch?
  4. Same here. NA 550 is pegged at 255. I see why I was able to get onto this server. if it’s not the ping, it’s “cannot retrieve address”.
  5. Crystal Isle 487 is also down almost daily. Can’t play extinction because it crashes so much. Try to find a new map and now I can’t play it regularly. Why are these problems coming up so let into the game???
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