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  1. Paragraphs are your friend.
  2. Unless it was a mod, there is no golden dodo in the game. You may have found a dodo with an odd color that looked golden, but there's no such thing as a golden dodo in ARK. Are you perhaps thinking of the hesperornis?
  3. It won't be better, that's wishful thinking. WildCard is desperately rushing to publish ASA before the deadline based on their contract with Nitrado. You can bet that no matter how bad it is they're going to release it before then and let the players suffer for their mismanagement of the product.
  4. I don't know about the worst tame, but the worst creature in ARK is the CEO of Snail Games.
  5. Well they've signed a contract with Nitrado that says WildCard will have to start paying extra money to Nitrado if WildCard misses the deadline. So my best is that they'll publish on the deadline, no matter how crappy the game is at that point. This is the same WildCard they've always been, there's always time to fix their plagued-by-bugs game later.
  6. As far as I know it will still apply. Even if you run your own unofficial or private cluster, all of the servers in that cluster have to be the same type.
  7. Considering that ASE is getting phased out (it's anyone's guess how long they will support the game on unofficial/private servers) and that ASA won't work on the PS4, you should look at other survival games. This would almost certainly not be worth your money.
  8. Seems like a good idea. Submit a support ticket and see what happens.
  9. As far as I know, it does not. That's probably either out-of-date (assuming it ever worked) or someone who misunderstood what was happening at the time. Then again, you could always test it. I'd be curious to hear what you find out if you do test it.
  10. I'm not looking for them for myself, I don't care about future events on my private server. I was just curious, but not curious enough to do a bunch of work on it.
  11. Hmmm, that's a good point that didn't occur to me. In that case, do you have any ideas for why some events don't work properly even if you use the codes to enable them?
  12. No, you're not. You're spreading disinformation and ignorance. Learn2google.
  13. They announce this information in the weekly Community Crunches, subject to change if they want to. Read the weekly CC and you'll know as much as everyone else.
  14. If the game is screwing you over by having glitches and problems those are not cheat codes, they are admin codes to fix the game screwing up. It's only "cheating" if you give yourself stuff you haven't earned while playing the game. You should not have to start over because the game has problems, that's not fair to you. Since you're someone who already doesn't want to cheat you're not going to give yourself too much. Just use the codes to fix the game's screwups and go back to playing as normal.
  15. My guess is "No", and @Yggdrassilgave the explanation. ARK does not include all of the assets (the graphics files, etc.) that are needed to run the events all the time. When the next event is coming soon on the calendar WildCard puts out a patch that adds those assets to the servers, then after the event those assets are removed. The only way to have all events possible would be if WildCard took the trouble to make all of those files available for people to download, and keep, on their private servers. I'm betting that's not going to happen.
  16. The best first 5 dinos in ARK are the first 5 dino's you can get, no matter what they are. If you think it's super important to tame a raptor, and that means you pass up an opportunity to tame a decent mid-to-high-level baryonyx, that's a mistake. If you think it's super important to tame a parasaur, and that means you pass up on the opportunity to tame 5 dodo's and start collecting eggs, that's a mistake. If you think it's super important to tame a... well, you get the idea. Any discussion about "the best first" thing to do in ARK is a misguided discussion. ARK is about making progress and being as flexible as possible while you do it. What you don't want to do is get fixated on "this is what I have to do next" and cause yourself to miss other opportunities. Let's say you're flying around on an argy looking for a rex to tame, you land to get stamina and you accidentally discover an explorer's note, which means you have boosted XP for the next 5 minutes. In that case, you stop looking for rex's for 5 minutes and kill everything you possibly can to take advantage of the XP boost for 5 minutes, then you go back to looking for rex's. Be flexible, stay flexible. I've been in a tribe where the tribe leader said, "We need to find 6 rex's at level 130-150 so we can begin our breeding program", and then for the next three days we had 6 people just looking for nothing but rex's. We had terrible luck, we found almost nothing but low level rexes. It took three days for 6 people to finally find 6 good rex's so we could begin breeding. And then the very next day we tamed 3 Lvl 150 rex's that improved the HP, Stam and Melee stats of our breeding pool, which means that the previous 3 days were almost entirely wasted time. You can't force ARK to give you what you want, you need to take advantage of every opportunity when it comes your way. Don't think about "the best", instead think, "What do I need to do so I can be ready for any opportunity?" For example, building a taming trap in an area that spawns multiple species is much more useful than trying run around or fly around looking for each of those species one-at-a-time. Having a taming trap means that any good dino which falls into your trap is ready for you to tame. Trying to look for a specific A, B or C is a waste of your time and causes lost opportunities. Be flexible, stay flexible, there is no best first anything.
  17. Well, Joe did just confess to the Hoffa thing, so I guess the jig is up for you guys.
  18. https://googlethatforyou.com?q=could giant pterasaurs fly
  19. Me, when I'm wearing a wing suit. (it's less of my favorite when I'm forcibly informed that I left the wing suit back at base)
  20. WoW, you really want to win the Willful Ignorance trophy. *cough* google *cough*
  21. I would be extremely surprised if WildCard would consider that idea for even half-a-second, no matter how many people like it. This is a game that makes you pick up eggs and poop by hand, you can be just about certain they're not going to make it easier to find exactly the dino you want.
  22. Yeah, it's funny, multiple types of cheating in the game and he picks the thing that is not.
  23. Detailed, but wrong. You mean mathematically, not statistically, wrong about that too. Is your google broken? There are plenty of written and video guides explaining it, there's no reason for him to give you details that Professor Google can share with you. Interesting tactic, a pseudo-respecful accusation. Wonder how that will work out. Just because you claim you understand ARK doesn't mean you genuinely understand ARK.
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