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  1. I really hope for your sake that you're a kid, because if you're an adult, well...
  2. That depends on how much you like fishing. Personally, I've hated fishing in every game I've ever played except one (and this isn't is). If you enjoy fishing in games then yes, it's worth it, but if you dislike fishing in games then it's every bit as bad in ARK as in almost every other game.
  3. Do you understand that this type of "cheating" isn't possible unless the server allows it to happen? ARK is a server-side game taming, for finding loot, for transferring between server. Therefore: * they could not have tamed a giga unless the server allowed it, which means it's not cheating. You can't tame something if the game won't let you. * they could not have a saddle (or a saddle blueprint) unless they found it on a beginner's server. You can't import anything to the server that the server won't allow. * they could not have spawned in a giga or a saddle unless they had admin right. So in theory it's possible this was just an admin having fun running across the server, but really it's much more likely that someone tame a giga and found a saddle/blueprint. Just because you don't know how to do it doesn't prove that it's impossible or that it's cheating, all that proves is that you don't know how to do it.
  4. Yes, you'll use less data when you're sitting still and more data when you are traveling, but the actual amount will most likely not be significant. For example: * sitting in my base my, data usage is averaging about 20 kbps send and 30 kbps receive. * fly away then fly back, as my base is rendering in my usage jumps up to about 60 kbps send and 450 kbps receive. Obviously the receive data increases more than the send data because the only thing my computer needs to tell the server is "he's moving, and here's the direction he's going", whereas the server has to tell my computer lots of stuff about the location of all of the tiles and objects in the base, what all the dino's are, etc. Now, internet connections are measured in mbps, and 450 kbps is only about 0.439 mbps. When we do the math to translate this from kilobits per second to megabytes per hour is looks like this: 450 kbps (kilobits) = 0.439 mbps (megabits) = 26.367 mbpm (megabits) = 1582.031 mbph (megabits) = 197.75 MBPH (megabytes) If I was on a metered connection this is the napkin math I would use to estimate my personal internet usage while playing ARK. But if you're not on a metered connection then it's all pretty insignificant compared to what your connection probably allows. Comparing 0.439 mbps to whatever your internet connection allows will tell you what portion of your bandwidth gets used by ARK. p.s. Just in case you're wondering, games like ARK which have lots of player made objects and items use a lot more bandwidth than games with unchangeable maps like WoW or CoD. Even a game like Fortnite, which includes some building, doesn't have nearly as many objects on the map as ARK does. The reason ARK uses so much download bandwidth is because the server has to constantly tell your game client what objects & items to render in.
  5. Based on your description so far, it doesn't sound like that was a messed up decay timer, it sounds like the pillars are (mostly) working as intended. As far as I know pillars must be connected to something else, a non-pillar object, in order to have a longer decay timer. You could build a tower of pillars and they would still auto-decay in 24 hours unless you attach ceilings, ladders, etc. to them. Having said that, pillars do still have wonky snap points which can lead to problems, so in that sense yeah they're still messes up. Sometimes you think they're attached to the ceiling above them but they're not. Sometimes they're attached to the pillar below them on a snap point that's lower than the ceiling. This can cause pillars to auto-decay because it seems like they're attached but they're not. Personally, I've just gotten into the habit of building new platforms using wood or stone pillars and then replacing them with metal/tek after I'm sure everything is good.
  6. I'm pretty sure the answer is No, that doesn't cause crashes. The most likely answer is what Grumpybear already described to you.
  7. The issue isn't "balance", it's simply that ARK is not that kind of game, people of every level can attack anyone else of any level. Your choices are: 1) Get used to how PvP in ARK works, don't ever expect it to be like standard MMO's. 2) Work hard at getting to know the other people on your server so you can join a tribe. Playing solo in PvP is the hardest way to play ARK. 3) Set up your own dedicated server where you make the rules and have the ability to kick anyone who doesn't follow them. 4) Play PvE instead.
  8. If you are stuck for 30 minutes that is not an ARK problem, if it was then it would be happening to lots of people at the same time. There is something going wrong on your end, if it is not a problem with your computer then it might be a problem with packet loss. You should look up a couple of the testing sites like speedtest.net and see what results you get from their tests. Make sure that one of the sites is testing for jitter and packet loss, your ping and speed might not give you enough information. If you see any numbers that don't look good then contact your internet service provider and tell them what problems you are seeing from the testing sites.
  9. I've worked for enough multi-nationals to know that the location of the parent company tells you the true story. WildCard is legally, technically a U.S. company... but not really anymore.
  10. The connection is that it doesn't matter what the US cares about or doesn't care about because WC is not a US company any more. That the US cares about is mostly a moot point when looking at WC's concerns. WC cares about things like where their player base is located, but they don't care about what the US cares about unless it benefits the owners of WC in some way.
  11. Considering WC is owned by a Chinese game company I'm not sure that logic applies any more.
  12. Why not? They have a well established history making what seem like silly and nonsensical choices in what they censor.
  13. Just looking at that picture brings back old trauma.
  14. Just to be clear: 1) it fully refunds all Engrams and Engram points of the survivor, as well as resetting the survivor's Stats such as Health, Movement Speed, Weight, etc. It sets you back to level 1 (but you keep your XP so you can immediately bump your levels back up again, and choose new engrams to learn. 2) Mindwipe Tonic upon consumption will not clear Tekgrams (so you keep anything you've unlocked from boss fights, mindwipe only clears engrams that you had to spend points to learn). 3) The last time I used one (which has been a while, so this might be out of date) it also wiped engrams that came from other maps, because those engrams cost points to learn. So if you're on a map that doesn't have access to certain engrams you will have to transfer maps, learn the engram again, and then come back to the map you're on.
  15. Then again, on single-player and private servers you can adjust the breeding settings so it takes very little time.
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