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  1. There are both carnivores and herbivores that are live-bearers and yet in the game they don't nurse their young. You're deliberately ignoring the fact that baby carnivores of live-bearing species don't actually eat meat when they're first born, and yet in the game you feed them meat from the moment they are born. That word you keep using, "logic", it doesn't mean what you think it means. The internal logic of ARK is the same for every species - you have to feed them no matter what they eat. For you to suggest that wyverns should nurse their young when dire bears, dire wolves and giant slo
  2. That's not what a twink is, a twink is a low level character that has been given gear that can only be accessed by having a high level character. What you're describing is just a normal high level character from an established tribe that has done a lot of breeding.
  3. So you're fine with the idea that humans-who-aren't-entirely-human are living on flatland maps that are floating in space inside of spheres of unknown origin, they enter the world as adults who know absolutely nothing about their life before that moment when they woke up naked on a beach, these not-quite-humans are able to progress from knowing absolutely nothing about the universe or even the world they live in to being able to produce tek equipment and travel through dimensions, they're living alongside species that range from hundreds of millions of old to merely 10,000 years ago on the sam
  4. I'm pretty sure that the game defaults to PvE rules to single-player which is why, for example, you can use cryopods without having to worry about cryosickness if you un-pod multiple dino's in a short time. If you want single-player to run like a PvP game (which would allow you to harvest unclaimed bodies, but would also introduce cryosickness with a 300 second timer) you have to change the configuration settings on your single-player game. It's not a change, AFAIK. To the best of my knowledge this is how single-player has always worked.
  5. Assuming that it's a reproduceable bug then we agree that it's somewhere on the list of bugs, no arguments there. Really what we're discussing are priorities. As far as I'm concerned it's way down that list near the bottom. The more important bugs in ARK are the bugs that are ubiquitous, common or are caused by a server running for too long, whereas bugs caused by running the client for too long (12+ hours) are less important. If you have to run your game client for 12 hours straight in order to reproduce a bug then that bug isn't important compared to so many other bugs on the list. Serv
  6. While it's true that the game client, just like any game, can have strange behavior as the results of problems on the client side, the majority of rubberbanding and lack of responsiveness is server side which would also include pack loss to or from the server. The exception would be an underpowered or poorly configured PC, but PC's that meet those descriptions are going to have constant problems, not intermittent problems like you've described that take hours to occur. You were able to create a scenario in which your client displayed performance problems, but if you jump onto the Official
  7. That's true, but if there aren't any laws that explicitly apply to a particular problem then there's nothing for them to comply with in the first place. It's not so much that they're old fashioned, it's that there's always anti-regulatory pressure from one political party (or more than one, if you live in a country with a parlaimentary system). Here in the U.S. we've seen a huge anti-regulation movement for a few decades because one political party has been successful at convincing people that regulations are automatically anti-business, and as a result our consumer protections have be
  8. But see this is pretty much the point, without knowing who is getting which cut of the revenue you actually don't know who's responsibility it is. You have to understand the revenue model in order to understand who's responsible for the quality of delivery. When you consider that there is no subscription for ARK on any of the other platforms then basic logic tells us that WC is not getting any of the revenue from the money you pay to access the Sony PS network. WC doesn't have any more of an obligation to PS users than to any other platform, you can't just look at your experience in a vac
  9. So while you're paying a monthly fee you're not paying that fee to WildCard, which means my previous point still stands. Sony is not paying WildCard money on a monthly basis, that money you pay all goes to Sony, which means that this is not a subscription based game that involved WildCard getting money from players on a monthly basis. WC makes money when people buy a copy of the game, that is WC's revenue stream regardless of what you pay to Sony for the PS network. And when a game has a revenue model based on copies of the game sold rather than having monthly income from subscriptions th
  10. They do support it, they just don't answer questions like "Why do you do this". There are moderators on these forums, and I'm sure that they pass along some information to the devs, but there is no one on the decision making team that answers questions about why they do things. Do you pay a monthly subscription fee to WildCard, or some other kind of monthly fee for being on the PS4/5 network? For PS4/5 that might be true, I don't know the technical details of console gaming. I can tell you that it's definitely not true on PC. This game has one of the largest installs of any gam
  11. You would have to ask WildCard about "why", no one on the forums can answer that question, even if you submit a ticket they probably won't answer why. And really, the "why" doesn't matter in this case, the most useful thing you can do is submit this as a suggestion either in a ticket or on the suggestion forum. You definitely have a valid complaint, but asking why isn't going to accomplish anything. It should be. Anything and everything that you can harvest from an animal will be put into a bag if you can't harvest it. That raises the question of whether the crystals or talons hav
  12. It's a glitch, not sure why WC has chosen to not fix this but as far as I know they have no plans to do so.
  13. All things considered, I'd say that in order of best-to-worst it would be: 1) Cloning - if someone has the resources to do cloning and if they're only trying to figure out a couple of dinos. If it's more than just a couple, it would be a waste of resources to clone dino's just to answer one simple question. 2) A.S.B. - if someone doesn't have the resources to clone, or if they want to figure out a bunch of dinos, or if they want to record the information for their tames to prepare for breeding then ASB is far superior to the other methods. ASB isn't perfect, but it's a heck of a lot
  14. The Island is one of the best maps for playing without tames from other maps. It has everything you need to work your way up to doing all of the caves and the bosses. If I were in your position I wouldn't worry about how anyone else does their first 100 days, what's important to you is finding a spot, building a starting base, then start taming & building as you increase your personal experience and knowledge. You have to walk before you can run, trying to rush the first 100 days isn't going to do you any good. The XP you get in the game is 4-times as much as what it was in 2016,
  15. The best thing you can do is approach it like it's a brand new game. It uses the same game engine as your single-player game but do not expect it to feel the same. Other people have given you a pretty good list of things that are different, but there's a big difference between reading about it and experiencing it. Playing this game in single-player mode is like existing in another world compared to playing it on a multi-player server, especially Official servers. There's a pretty good chance that you won't like it at first, which is something that has happened to many people, because it w
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