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  1. @cadoh i see, cheers much appreciated. Yes unofficial, i should have said that.
  2. Hey guys, Just hatched twin rexes during the recent evo event (ending 5 June) which had 2x Baby Mature Speed, 2x Egg Hatching & Gestation Speed and 2x Mating Interval (LESS!). Ive gone into the settings and i adjusted as per the evo event but im getting red bars all over the place. What am i doing wrong?
  3. OP nice post, clear and concise... thoughts on integrating these calculations into a admin application?
  4. *sigh* The plant turret nerf Its hard being a games developer... i can already see the comments.
  5. Sorry am i missing something for PC? these mods are already available. When they go 'official'... what does that actually mean?
  6. Man give me more door/gateway options and whistle groups god dam it! - love you devs This digest had some baller stuff in it
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