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  1. So far I have Raptor, Phiomia, Moschops, Carno and the lil ferox from Genesis, some of them are pretty cooky looking, but the Raptor is very cute
  2. this morning code translated and this email reply received: ----BEGIN PGP SIGNED MESSAGE----- Hash: SHA256 [LOG_TRANSMIT] Requesting status report. [LOG_RECEIVE] As expected. In other words, bit of a mess. [LOG_TRANSMIT] That's why you're there. [LOG_TRANSMIT] Use validation code c715c581-459c-4aab-997f-4018f9683c0c for your next terminal entry. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE----- Version: GnuPG v2 iQIcBAEBCAAGBQJdiWA0AAoJEHJOqUWO1A+/Q18P/A92mwZLzzHR9C2nhe9mB5h5 sbgzYYC6yqBY1JZ0CLIlMGcdy7IU00YUEPUsmyXvj+0tQQSrqrtSzDVhHTlqOwnw N6N6ahjwuEWeeFsVlVEiceJEyn4X+IS63LZfaFRRuzqGRO95Zv70yT6kSSjaLAa0 NbREOBe/+a/w3PrOz9n+yFT370N6m9akKQ3vnlKC0WF7YOYX9rPm+/bo9JPWmHaj uCntHtUTnrPjthMfATTxfX6UQNz0uVYhVF9Us+VGAzsEA+dVy5hIeaB6lNVzVpsE tfG7OCs6FBw7UUGZ2sSmGrKsF+EJru5qRssDRdbbQueh4hcJRKzDSXcnDUF0L5VU ybeKFGNU1OR/kwkdSCcQe3ffARdyWcGG54/boCK3L1iT2sMIHtUL61jSxp8aBwIi JxQBFth5rGKLb1Forb2xbXmeWNpJla7BpCQtJRVMFFPrUJwDrNUV4QHgKhVRAuRz u26+a8JFkG3I1OAnda3SeayR0HofurudPsFYKRab19VbpDvHthwkHXxDRF3UA3EB 3G964ZJpAQP47tRjRrKywgBZGYH6EOrtbPvmahycpUpojXARhJ/cQQf/8ypsV/NL RJwCsR/MKHuKXeXwoJBb/CP0j9Rh3GGvES5ct0i3/0OkF82NSgjMdBmJyjUwzE+g w4A0hCxdvE+vo/zwxhnb =4nRj -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----
  3. Still no word on the HLN-A bot for Windows 10? People have purchased the season pass (myself included) and cannot use the bot we've paid for
  4. I did wonder if it had anything to do with this part of the countdown, there are two rings which look to contain some kind of data that turn and lock into each other. Perhaps we are meant to connect two hoops and take the code from the points which are then indicated by the four red arrows? Honestly no idea how it would work, but I thought it worth mentioning
  5. I've been playing with the same, apologies for the roughness, I'm limited to paint and have a house full of kids atm. But you can connect the lines A to A, B to B etc and the tails outside the boxes seem to line up, pink to pink, blue to blue etc. No idea if it is useful at all.
  6. Is that the four string piece of the red code? I could only get the 'Verified' part and had popped over to see if anyone had figured it. Nice work!
  7. the 4 string red code is impossible, are the strings easier to see in VR mode does anyone know?
  8. Nice! Also, well done on grabbing them, my eyes were going screwy trying on the 'Ap Secure Connection' strings
  9. there are some more strings but I'm out of time. Damn life for getting in the way of Ark lol, I'll have another look when I'm home later if no one else has a chance
  10. so far translated: decrypting incoming datastream. Verify UID fingerprint 724ea9458ed40fbf Command Elevation(?) Request Granted command received syscheck
  11. next stings I get 'Verify UID fingerprint 724ea9458ed40fbf'
  12. decrypting incoming datastream for this one (I think) a few of the hex were difficult to judge
  13. this is insane! Congrats to all involved on the amazing sleuthing work. I don't know if this means anything at all, but if you take the numbers from the alphanumeric string and use them as map coords on Extinction, it brings you here, which looks alot like the final cutscene from Aberration. You can also off map here, past the red zone into mountains and what looks like a tundra off in the distance. Coords 42.7 x 6.2
  14. The new string translates as Init(ialising) AP Uplink, which points us to Arat Prime as mentioned in the explorer notes and the code around Extinction city, looks like we'll have a new (and perhaps final) DLC centred around Arat Prime.
  15. I used to love Prim+ but over time it became obvious that the total conversion is just not viable in the long term without dedicated support, which I appreciate might not be a possibility due to financial/time constraints. At this point I would say integration of any operable components into the main game would be ideal, for me at least. Things like additional crops/recipes together with their required structures such as cooking station etc could be utilised as a bonus feature without being game breaking/changing. The additional building assets would be a welcome relief from the constant stone and wood. Perhaps combined with the old style Primitive official servers (not Prim+ but the ones we used to have where tek/electrics were limited) but please, if we have new servers can we please release some for PvE as well this time, getting fed up of the bias towards PvP in the new server constructs.
  16. Solo or small tribe, boosted PvE servers please. Despite all the comments on the small tribe discussions on twitter the PvE players are not receiving any replies. I understand the reasoning for small tribe PvP servers and think they are a great idea, but please can we offer balance to the community with the construction of solo/small tribe servers for PvE please, along with the associated boosts that have been allocated to the PvP small tribe servers. Ark is a game which is currently balanced to the tribe system in ALL game modes, but lots of people prefer solo. A rebalance to the stats on PvE would allow those of us who don't want to be in large tribes to enjoy the game as much as those who do.
  17. so much good news in here, thanks for listening to us!
  18. Ark inspired artworks and creative builds
  19. From the album: runswithpencil Ark Inspired Creations

    Ark Inspired Jerboa painting, in pastels and watercolours
  20. Thank you for sharing my jerboa painting Happy New Year to everyone and thank you Devs for all the continued hard work!
  21. runswithpencils

    Raptor Checkers

    For when you need to add a little mental challenge to your dinosaurs daily workout
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