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  1. Still no word on the HLN-A bot for Windows 10? People have purchased the season pass (myself included) and cannot use the bot we've paid for
  2. I used to love Prim+ but over time it became obvious that the total conversion is just not viable in the long term without dedicated support, which I appreciate might not be a possibility due to financial/time constraints. At this point I would say integration of any operable components into the main game would be ideal, for me at least. Things like additional crops/recipes together with their required structures such as cooking station etc could be utilised as a bonus feature without being game breaking/changing. The additional building assets would be a welcome relief from the constant
  3. Solo or small tribe, boosted PvE servers please. Despite all the comments on the small tribe discussions on twitter the PvE players are not receiving any replies. I understand the reasoning for small tribe PvP servers and think they are a great idea, but please can we offer balance to the community with the construction of solo/small tribe servers for PvE please, along with the associated boosts that have been allocated to the PvP small tribe servers. Ark is a game which is currently balanced to the tribe system in ALL game modes, but lots of people prefer solo. A rebalance to the stats
  4. so much good news in here, thanks for listening to us!
  5. Ark inspired artworks and creative builds
  6. Thank you for sharing my jerboa painting Happy New Year to everyone and thank you Devs for all the continued hard work!
  7. runswithpencils

    Raptor Checkers

    For when you need to add a little mental challenge to your dinosaurs daily workout
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