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  1. Dustrider

    Getting metal in footpaw

    SW desert islands are covered in metal. Our base is on the plateau down there that has only one route of land access. Barely have to fly out of render to do a full metal run.
  2. Part of the problem is that alpha/megatribes don't have time to sort out who is an asset to the server and who is a drain, needy or annoying. A lot of small tribes that we have let build on our server either bring unwanted attention from other servers and then try to use our server as a shield to protect them. Or they act cool and then get bored and start trolling us or other tribes on the server. After a while it just becomes easier to say "move along" to new tribes.
  3. It's pvp, there aren't any rules. You weren't right or wrong and neither was he. You both were just doing what you wanted.
  4. The quetz is good for two things, carrying an anky/doedic or for minigun airsupport during raids. That's really all it should be good for imo. Anytime you have one tame that is good at nearly everything you have a major balance issue.
  5. I was really excited for this feature as well but the more I think about it the more nervous it makes me. The PC version of ark has constant problems with hacking/cheating/aimbots etc. Xbox has none of these issues currently but with play anywhere it may be a problem suddenly. Hopefully the anticheat system they are working on is very good...
  6. Dustrider

    Ark Turkey Trial Event 2017

    I agree. It broke up the grind and added something challenging and new. Though I can see why beach Bob's would not have been fans.
  7. Dustrider

    ark Ark is garbage and needs to he fixed

    You are ignoring the fact that raiding other servers is a huge risk. There is a lot of time involved waiting for upload timers and then you are heavily risking any tames you take with you because of the 12 hr tame cool down timer. You can't just hop and hop and hop. Any tames you take over are committed for a while. You either win or you lose all the tames you take with you. However the more I think about it the more I think that free roaming server transfers aren't best for the long term health of the game. Probably would be best if all maps were in a cluster so each cluster had access to one of each type of map. If you wanted off your cluster you could transfer to a different one but make so you can only do that naked and once a week or month or something.
  8. Dustrider

    The developers don't deserve this hate

    Does the One X help with FPS in regards to lag around large bases? I drop to about 20 fps or worse in my base on the standard xbone.
  9. I respect your opinion but I will have to disagree with you on this point. There are multiple things that have changed in regards to open server transfers. First, they implemented a 12 hr cool down for all dinos transferred on to a server, basically means that a cross server raider will have to guard his tames for that long before he can bring them back or risk them being killed if he doesnt have a place to store them. Second, people complained that it was too hard to strike back at cross server raiders so they made it so when you kill an enemies tame it will tell you which server it was transferred from and which server it was tamed/bred on. Third and most recently there is a transfer timer as part of their anti-duping system. Basically this means you have to wait at least 30 mins before you can upload any item into an obelisk. This severely slows down cross server raiding and trolling. It still happens, sure, but it takes a lot more time and energy to do so.
  10. Man you must not have been on the forums this time last year. All of the topics were "Pteras are OP", "Quetzals are OP!!!!", "Wyverns are OP!?!?!?!!!!!". There was a TON of posts of people complaining about how flyers were too fast (could outrun the tracking on auto-turrets) and how it didnt make sense that using an anky on a ramp quetz allowed you to carry infinite weight. Or that spaming the pteras barrel roll was way too powerful. Pteras were so fast, people would strap them with C4 and barrel roll suicide them into bases. In this instance WC actually listened to a lot of players and made a change that they thought would balance the game back out. It was a divisive issue and some players were going to be upset no matter what WC did. Im all for knocking WC over the head when they deserve it but this was a case of not being able to please everyone.
  11. Dustrider

    Where's everyone gone volume 2

    The game can get a bit repetitive at this stage in the game. Once your base is built and fortified, you have all the tames you could ever want and most of the PVP has ceased there isnt much else to do. Login and take care of the base chores over and over and over. This is the stage that people get bored and start dropping out.
  12. Dustrider

    Anyone breed turtles anymore?

    Ugh! I hate that bug!
  13. Dustrider

    Auto-decay claiming way too much.

    Personally I understand why they added the auto-decay timers to PVP but I kinda miss how it was during EA. Every burned out base told a story, you could find grave markers hidden in the jungle etc. It just made your server feel like it had history, you could see evidence of the tribes and battles that came before you. Again I know why they changed it but part of me wishes it went back to the way it was.
  14. Dustrider

    Custom Food

    So crafting speed makes the recipe better? Because with crafted items the focal chili only increases the speed not the quality. I have never made custom consumables so I have no experience with that side of crafting.
  15. Dustrider

    Custom Food

    I thought focal chili only boosted crafting speed not quality.