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  1. If they are taking the goods then they are not trolls. Trolls like to just destroy things for the pleasure of it. A raider is someone that destroys other tribes to better their own. But what did you expect when you chose to play on a pvp server? I dont mean to be insulting, so please dont take it that way. There are a couple of things you can do to minimize encounters with these types of players (raiders, trolls, etc.) 1. Build inland! I cant stress this enough. A large percentage of cross-ark raiding and trolling is done in the south zones and on the beaches. If your base isnt very visible you will be wiped less often. 2. Find a server with an alpha tribe that is friendly and dislikes trolls too. They are out there. 3. Dont build a large base if you cant defend it. Know your limitations! Remember a raider doesnt have to destroy all your defenses, just enough to wiggle into your base. 4. Find other like minded players and build relationships with them. Ask to join them eventually or have them join you. A large and active tribe that has your back is a huge benefit. Its a cruel and unforgiving world out there and going solo is brutal unless you're Rambo. 5. Build Auto-turrets as soon as you can and make sure they give overlapping fields of fire that cover all vital parts of your base. Set some to players only so that they cant drain all your bullets with tames. Keep the turrets stocked with a lot of bullets. I have seen many bases with a dozen auto-turrets with only 25-50 rounds each, which is completely pointless. 6. Carry parachutes and a whip or bola at all times. If you get picked by a troll on a pteranodon whip or bola them off and parachute down safely. You might even be able to kill them and their bird. 7. Learn from your mistakes and try again!
  2. Gotcha, good luck friend! I hope they come up with a fix for this!
  3. If you get swamp fever just transfer to a different ark, it will cure you.
  4. 1. Build a taming raft and make 30 scorpion kibble 2. Kite a level 150 rex onto the taming raft, knock out and tame in peace 3. Put a saddle on the rex 4. Fear nothing Seriously though, a high level kibble tamed rex will wreck 99% of all wild dinos. I can take out alpha raptors, carnos and low level alpha rexes no problem. Once you do this there is very little to fear anymore. I tame them solo all the time with no problem.
  5. I doubt you will get help with this. Stone can be found in large quantities all over the island. You literally cannot build a large base without blocking/killing some type of resource spawn. What if someone wanted you to move your base because you were killing their favorite wood spawn?
  6. The spanish "J" is pronounced like an "H" in english
  7. I think it is "meh-o"
  8. Seriously? Large tribes have always had more power than small tribes. How does this change anything? What game have you ever played where a small group of people has the same advantages as a large group? Also they said that the bosses will have 3 levels of difficulty and as pointed out in previous posts the bosses can be defeated with a small group. Why are you complaining about something that is just being released. Why not wait and see before adding another doom and gloom thread...
  9. I think you are right...Life will uh find a way...
  10. I was originally of the mindset that you just need to find something to do in base. I have only played SE for a short while and so far I haven't been annoyed by the sandstorms too much. Maybe it would be best if they made them less frequent? In RL a sandstorm would force you to go indoors, you can't see or hardly breathe. But they probably aren't an hourly occurace in RL. SE is supposed to be harder, but maybe they could work on a way to keep it difficult but not so annoying.
  11. For a couple minutes? Repair your armor? Craft something? What about night time? When you can't see anything, I remember when I was a noob, night meant staying indoors until it was safe to go out (yes I turn my gamma all the way up now, but don't think the devs intended that). That's when you hunker down and take care of base chores. It's a survival game after all...
  12. You can disagree with me and try to justify your reasoning but you are still wrong You do not actually own anything in this game. All Ark property belongs to WC. If WC came onto your server and deleted your base for "reasons" could you sue them for destroying your property? Nope! Hence, you cannot sell something you do not own. Now if you want to get into a philosophical debate about ownership, then who can own a rock? Or a tree? What actually is ownership? But thats a whole different can of worms that would be best left for a different debate.
  13. Its because we only own the license to play the game. We do not own the intellectual and virtual property that is Ark. This is why you cannot make a mod for Ark and charge for it. You cannot sell something that you do not own.
  14. There is a maximum number of Dino's that can spawn in and be in render distance on any given server. The more people that are logged in are going to have more Dino's rendered in around them. This means less Dino's will spawn in any one area.
  15. He bravely ran away 😉