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  1. halloween event?

    Did you just wash up on the beach? J/k. It's a new dlc/map that is coming out soon.
  2. Offline raid protection on official PVE

    Only played PVE for a day or two. Wasn't my cup of tea and decided to stay with PVP. But every time I heard about people kiting gigas and Titans into people's bases in PVE it pissed me off because it is the biggest cowards move. I used to wish all those kiters would be forced to come over to play with us PVP players, then they could see what their little tricks would get them. 😈
  3. It's the journey that counts not the destination. Everything comes to an end eventually. It took me a long time to realize that everything you tame and build on a PVP server will eventually disappear. Even alpha tribes come and go. Just have fun playing the game. If you are playing for maximum longevity then a private server or PVE might better suit your tastes. If you like the thrill of PVP then just go in with the expectation that everything is expendable. You get wiped? Rebuild and become stronger, recruit others and get better. But know it will all come to an end eventually, so just have fun along the way.

    We were alpha on an island server for a time before official release. We had many bases but main one was on herb island. Biggest issue was lack of metal nearby. Wood was no big deal, we just flew/swam a beaver over to the main land and wasn't too difficult. Metal on the other hand was a pain to get and that was back when you could boost flyer speed and harvest unlimited metal with a ramp quetz and anky combo. Can't imagine doing metal runs from herb island now...
  5. Ark Suggestions!!

    Sometimes if you glance off of the dino you are attacking or hit a tree/debris it will cancel the pounce. Also as a side note, you will do much more damage if you paw swipe right at the end of your dive. Seems to do much more damage than just pouncing alone.
  6. Are you buying aberation?

    Im going to wait and see.. Also, what the hell is going on in your profile pic?!?!?
  7. Ark Suggestions!!

    Yea Argy is still better for weight for sure. I like griffins for drop hunting because I can stay on the griffins back while I access the drop.
  8. Ark Suggestions!!

    The griffin will negate these two needs. An argy is a slug compared to the griffin, cant imagine exploring or drop hunting with an argy.
  9. Dino Topia

    ^ Devs have said dino riders on multiple occasions. This was a show/toy line in the late 80's when a lot of the devs were kids.
  10. Ark Suggestions!!

    Then it seems you are light in the flyer department. I think taming a griffin would be a great usage of your time. They are one of the most fun/useful flyers in the game. Make sure you make a griffin trap when taming one, makes things a lot easier. Make sure you have allo kibble ready to go or access to mutton. Dont bother with low level griffins, lvl 135+ is the way to go.
  11. Ark Suggestions!!

    Are you playing PVP/PVE/Official/Unofficial/Single player? My advice will differ greatly based on the game type you are playing. Also what level are you? Tribe? Solo? Describe your base. What dinos do you have already?
  12. Do tools level up?

    No this is not a feature. Only way to get better tools is to get better blueprints and/or boosting your crafting skill. You will also harvest more on 2x weekend events.
  13. To chat or not to chat

    I agree. Being friendly doesn't mean sucking up though. I help tribes only if they deserve my help. If they are incompetent or I don't like them for whatever reason then their lost tame can fend for itself.
  14. To chat or not to chat

    I agree, don't bow to anyone. I have been an alpha tribe and beta tribe on several servers and I can say for sure that we never respected the little sycophants that tried to suck up to us. Be respectful and know your place but that doesn't mean you have to ask the alpha if you can tie your shoe.
  15. Suicide Rafts - Solution

    Makes sense, we mainly use the pillars to keep wild animals from getting in and tames from getting out. Figured it would work well for rafts too but you make a very good point!