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  1. I just joined the game to transfer some gasoline from one server to another. But there are 30 minute timers before you can do anything. So I was like 'raptor that poop' and switched off the game.
  2. I joined my SE server... I noticed that some structures got auto-demolished... I logged off.
  3. People don't be naive. Servers that are being repurposed are not going to become new legacy servers. That's not how it works. So don't dream about new Ragnarok legacy servers. They will become new supported servers in newly created cluster.
  4. Makes me laugh reading all this. I'm so glad I didn't play for a while. Our server is not on the list but seeing how people are treated here for all their support with game development it was definitely no point to hang around here and in the game lately. And the devs are full of (what I thought they were) and that's been confirmed today.
  5. I was going to play after a few days break, but then I thought it can wait until tomorrow
  6. I think many people no longer care. For them it was the last straw, but many others will continue to play. And to leave now it's kinda easier than ever.. the state of the game is so bad right now due to last nerfs/changes/duping issues/server issues. New players will replace the ones that left.
  7. Of course you will. I cannot blame you.
  8. Are you staying on legacy server then, Joebl0w13?
  9. For people who plan to play the game for another year+ it's just better to move to new servers. For them staying on legacy servers is just a waste of time. For me... it just buys me some time before I move onto something else. I love the game, but things don't last forever.
  10. I agree with this.. Sadly there is no future for Legacy servers. I appreciate the devs don't wipe on release, but our servers are doomed and have no future and that's not a nice feeling.
  11. What you say makes no sense. Could you elaborate what you were trying to say? Our server is good, people are nice and helpful... no this pillar nonsense like on Ragnarok we have. New players won't come because being on new server is safe, on legacy servers there is a risk of them being wiped if not populated. If I was a new player I would go to the server without that risk.
  12. Our server always needed fresh blood as some people leave eventually, new people come and keep it populated. Where those new players will be going to? New servers with perspectives or legacy servers. We both know the answer.
  13. Yeah.. like 3 people posting 20 posts each
  14. I had enthusiasm to play more, but now when I see old PvE servers are doomed to fail I'm just back to usual thing I've been doing for last month, resetting timers.
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