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  1. Sweet, thanks so much. I don't remember, can one reservoir supply two plant species x plots, or is it one reservoir per plot?
  2. Water Reservoir Condensation? Back when I played Abb my metal water reservoires would auto fill slowly over time, despite there being no rain. Is it the same deal with Extinction?
  3. Pillar Mayhem Is there any reason as to why the majority of official pve servers are littered in pillars? Entire coasts, even. I've never seen it this awful before, and I played tons and tons of ark. Getting started again is god awful now. You have to seek a crevice like a spider would to settle in without being surrounded by pillars. Of course, I expected them. But I server hopped dozens of times today and had no luck finding a *decent* section of available land on every map that wasn't scorched or abb. I understand pillaring a little ways around your own base to prevent neighbors or getting pillared yourself, but entire coastlines? I know threads like these get posted very, very often, but I just want to be able to play official again.
  4. Enable Turret usage on Platform Saddles For PvE! I'd love to be able to fly my Quetz on Extinction as a gunship, mowing down corrupted wyverns that follow! Balancing the two modes differently would be fantastic.
  5. Perfect Explorer Achievement Broken? I have obtained all of the explorer notes for a second time (Lost last account) and I never received the Bone Wyvern, Bone Jerboa, and Bone Giga skins. I did get the Bone Rex skin, so I have 90% completed. Literally every Island dossier is finished on my screen. The bosses, as well as the overseer. Is this a common issue or am I missing something?..
  6. Best Way to Prevent Spawns in Base I live on a pretty large amount of land in extinction surrounded by bh gates. I decided hey, I have to afk for a minute. Come back, a 135 Therizino tore apart my wyvern (Rip) All of my dinos are on passive except for my one Velonasaur on turret mode. Is there anyway to kill spawns in a wide area surrounded by behemoth gates? Foundation with a pillar in it, double foundation, pillar with ceiling, etc? I've seen many people use those methods to block spawns. Any idea on what's most effective?
  7. PvE Solo Official Tips? Just seeing what info anybody has, or helpful tips for starting out on Extinction. Things to tame first, where to build up, good resource spawns, etc. I've played Extinction before with a tribe but everybody had quit awhile ago and unfortunately our stuff decayed.
  8. So happy to see my suggestion there. Lots of good is coming. I'm so happy!
  9. And this is a prime example of the ark community. Yeesh..
  10. Hold "E" To Dismount Option. Heya folks. I think this might be a nice quality of life option to add into the game. A checkbox that allows you to select whether or not you'd like to hold down the action button (E, Y, or Triangle, depending on the system you play obviously.) rather than tap it and you dismount. Just to save lives, I guess? If you check the box, you then would have to hold your action button down for 2 or so seconds before it lets you go into dismounting / mounting.
  11. Water Reservoir Condensation Effect Was getting familiar with the self-filling water reservoirs. Playing on abb and it not raining, I was surprised to see them auto fill. It seems they fill when I leave render or when i'm logged off. However after i'm logged in for a bit, the 4 taps eventually stop dripping water? I have 4 reservoirs connected to each, and they're all connected via a cross pipe. Is this normal for the taps to stop producing water? I'm just not sure if growing plant species x would survive with the amount of water a crop plot can hold, and knowing the taps will shut off sometimes.
  12. Glitched Upon Entering Server. Wondering if anyone else has this glitch. Basically I join my server and I try to access the inventories of my dinos or open any inventory really, but it doesn't happen. I also can't open doors? My stamina doesn't go down either, so essentially I can't do anything.
  13. Ahaha thanks! Yeah as a last resort I hopped on a crab and spammed the grab button and sure enough it poofed back into existence.
  14. Welp. Funny thing happened. I decided as a last resort, why not bring my Karkinos into the breeding room and spam the grab button. Surely enough, the little reaper king poofed back into existence, into the crab's claw. Wild. Ahaha
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