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  1. It isn't working on my Island map, this command goes into the game.ini correct?
  2. Vynsent

    New Tek Items

    Odd... I don't remember Jerboas, camels, thorny dragons, wyverns, or mantis being on Island or Center... OH!...Deathworm Beach!... please... WC make it a real thing! This was and is WC decision, I just don't agree that content I paid for is now free, there was no announcement that SE stuff was going to be on Rag, which is now an official server, if you go to Island and Center, you can't learn certain things because they're 'SE Exclusive'...until you go to Rag... where that means nothing... but this is just me ranting about something I don't personally agree with. oh god... imagine if Abberation stuff gets put onto Rag, the anger would be real then lmao.
  3. Vynsent

    New Tek Items

    Rag might be a mod, but introducing a map that gives players access to content that previously had to be paid for to experience... that's just taking a poop on everyone who did pay for it. And now the only way to get the Tek Sword, Tek Shield, or Tek Light is to beat the rag bosses... so yeah... besides the Pheonix, SE has nothing to offer players, which probably won't be for long because the Rag devs are looking into adding the SE weather to the map with the desert addition so Pheonix will probably on Rag too. Might be a mod map, but it offers more of the game for free.