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  1. Bump!! Server is still semi new.. admins are amazing!!
  2. When do you think we might see a time line for these updates?
  3. I'm 28 and have two characters on ark. I can be on everyday for a couple of hours at least. My gt is renagade210. Ps my characters lvl are 76 and 80. One is built of pvp the other for grinding
  4. When putting forward your application please include all of the following information: - Gamertag: renagade210 - Real name: Julian - Age: 28 - Days/Hours available: from 11-2 cst mon-fri weekends depends generally on about the same time at the least - Why you want to join: had a tribe on official server but no one plays anymore so started playing player dead servers and I want to go back to official - Your Ark experience: I have two characters one lvl 78 and the other lvl 80. I have countless hours playing ark. - Time zone: cst - Your expertise: (breeder, tamer, grinder, pvp'r, or trader) I'm good at everything. What ever needs to be done I can do it. I especially like taming Pteras and searching for the high star ones to breed.
  5. I'm 28 gt is renagade210 message me
  6. Hit select for the map the hit x I think
  7. It's 50 people on at one time... doesn't matter how many people have been on the server... if you have 8 people that don't get on any more and there are 47 people on your server at the time they all want to join back only the first 3 will be able to join back.. it's just like on official servers... if the server is maxed out you have to wait for people to leave to join the server
  8. You're playing non dedicated... if you want it to go away you're going to have to find a server to play on or buy a second Xbox and run your own server
  9. Rates?