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  1. @TheRightHand @Jatheish @Jen What about primitive/primitive plus servers? We can only use plant x and once again you’ve fixed the problems for the non-primitive servers but not us. Are you going to give us a new plant turret? Plant Z maybe? Or are you going to continue to ignore us? You’ve already made all primitive servers legacy, which you don’t support any longer, deleted all primitive scorched servers, and despite the fact that you said we can use primitive + instead, you’ve only created a single server cluster for primitive + on Xbox and there are absolutely no scorched pr
  2. @Jatheish @Jen Are you ever going to fix the primitive+ engrams on Ragnarok so we can make scorched earth engrams, like the boomerang for instance, that are available on that map on the Tek servers? Also, since you have no new primitive official servers, could you please make a scorched earth primitive+ server so that I didn’t waste my money buying that dlc.
  3. @Jat Please reconsider getting rid of primitive. Many people only play that game mode and are very unhappy that you are getting rid of it. Primitive+ is buggy, gets updated far less often, and has things that primitive players do not want, such as guns.
  4. How is a non-Tek server different from primitive?
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