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  1. That clamp thing could be applied very well to the Argy, allow you to either pick up a large creature with multiple Argies or hold onto something's back while you attack it
  2. iby102

    Winter Village

    The like button
  3. iby102

    Winter Village

    Nice looking build Lovely the homely and warm feeling of it all (Despite it being in the snow )
  4. Likely
  5. It's a skin for the XBox users
  6. iby102

    The "Bubba" Mobile

    That Paracer has a look on his face that says "Come on, just try and get close to me and see what happens "
  7. The rite of passage for all people in ARK
  8. When you look at it's face as well....must have been a tough one....
  9. It's not holding though, do not be deceived! It is simply levitating it between it's hands through the power of MIND CONTROL!!!
  10. iby102


    What amazing form!
  11. Loving this forum and its community so far :D 

  12. iby102


    That Pteranodon is watching like it hates that guy
  13. iby102

    iby's adventures

    Just a collection of my screenshots that I take throughout my time on the ARK
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