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  1. Aye sorry my bad, that's the initial driver for RTX series, I keep forgetting seen so much crap with drivers the last few months, yes issues with all RTX drivers for 10xx users...
  2. Its the pre 20xx series driver, that's fixed it for other 10xx users.
  3. Its likely that the Extinction map you played on is not structure or tame heavy, something that @Chris possibly missed when he tested. I'd bet that a few months down the line once the crazy people breed 5 million Gigas etc and store in 5000x5000 box's Extinction will behave just the same. I'll also bet that nobody produces a fix by then. I pity the foo that won the 2080 on the live stream, what a kick to the face
  4. Article here @TomsHardware - https://www.tomshardware.co.uk/rtx-2080-ti-gpu-defects-launch,news-59360.html Complete BS response from Nvidia, they aren't "standing by" at all, its been 2 weeks since I helped them re-create the BSOD and they've never gotten back to me, I chased them after they tried to close the ticket and was told to keep trying new drivers... Wish I had thought of that... Nothing from WC either. My 2080 has sat on my desk since launch day and nobody is taking ANY responsibility whatsoever, it must be amazing to reap monies selling a shoddy product whilst denying
  5. You guys are more than welcome to the same dumps that went to Nvidia.
  6. The more the merrier, we need to let the people that can help know how many of us have this problem...
  7. Update from Nvidia: Feels like a little progress at last.
  8. Devs are too busy with something perhaps? DLC maybe hmm?
  9. I would suggest that nobody go down the PSU route at the moment unless you are under the requirement, too many people here have replaced and wasted money! @Sero - took the words right out of my mouth, not paying this kind of money to play in potato mode
  10. Lets all keep the pressure on, keep pushing them for some action.
  11. I've now given them a full kernel dump now in addition to 2 minidumps, but not holding my breath, if they come back with something positive though I'll be posting back here, not sure how they can make that claim without looking at a dump though, maybe we're all imagining it, yes, that MUST be it!!
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