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      Note for players regarding Ascension (please open terminal/tribute before ascending)   02/04/18

      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.


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  1. Server 628 terminal

    6 Dimes dead all in (in including their replacements), several Rex's, 260 Melee giga, many daeodons, the list goes on. 255 ping, not able to move, constant dc, slow clock, 5-10 crashes per night... Time to admit you have a problem? This has been the whole event. a complete and utter fail.
  2. Center 628

    260 Melee giga baby dead. Par for the course WC GG.
  3. "it is not our policy..." I wouldn't hold your breath.
  4. Out of interest, and please don't flame me for asking, can someone point me to the official statement from WC regarding large amounts of tamed dinos being a problem? And I'm NOT saying that its not a problem, I'm curious as to how WC have communicated this to the community before they quietly dropped a tribe limit into the patch notes. It seems to me that there have been some pretty good off the cuff ideas how to address the limit with a softer approach that would address the problem without causing a knee-jerk reaction to such a punitive solution.
  5. Quality suggestions. On my server the single biggest abuse of dino hoarding has always been the tribes that claim and raid inactive users. those tribes have themselves been inactive for months but are managing to reset their timers for nothing. To me this is a much larger problem then active tribes dino numbers. IMO removing the ability to claim at all will completely fix a horrible element of the game where tribes only look to claim. The Titano is also a pointless addition to PVE, it general glitchy behaviours and poor pathing just make it a pain in the ass more then a useful or desirable dino. Increasing the cap per additional player also seems like a fairer approach. Permanent upload / stasis via tek would allow me to upload a chunk of dinos not currently required. Sheep. utterly pointless addition driven by WC wanting a pointless Steam award. WC took a decision to add this to the game, and we all wanted one, no idea why, but I wanted one, does this help when we are supposed to be conservative about our tames, and now it seems like a good idea to keep a few in case we need lamb chops for taming.
  6. But they're not offering a way to regress to solo players so we may take advantage of the 400 dino limit, a limit that all existing and new solo players have. We cannot unclaim structures, and reform to an alliance, unless of course we completely demolish and rebuild. As I see it there are a bunch of options that would easily accommodate a soft transition to a tribe dino limit, but we're not being given a chance. To me this is clearly "move along, you're time is up". The requisites for breeding, taming have been so high that of course people don't want to give up that work. I've bred 2 Giga's and sure as hell I'm not going to cull them because I only need 1. We have our Rex breed up to lvl 299, and sure as hell I'm not going to cull the ones I have holding stats I want to transfer to my main breed because I don't "need" them. The game mechanisms thus far have caused larger tribes to have as many as they do. Until the Tek patch the Broodmother couldn't be defeated with 10 hugely OP Rex's, so we began breeding them to better the stats. The changes in requirements are giving me whiplash. Oh and now we have this incredibly cool looking mutated Rex that's all red and luminous green, so naturally we want to breed out stats into this - more Rex on the breeding pile.
  7. Having an opinion on a subject isn't whining. Perhaps they could offer a way to regress structure ownership then if they really want larger tribes to split and use alliance functionality. Given that server admins have a way to take ownership of structures, I don't think it would be hard for them to implement this so that larger tribes would at least have an option, as it stands there is no option apart from demolish everything and start again with 2 days until the patch drops, with no specific information on how larger tribes will be affected. And for everyone who thinks tribe should have 1 of each dino shared, good luck fighting the Dragon boss with 1 tribe Anky, and 1 tribe Rex and 1 tribe Theriz. Aspects of this game call for having more dinos, especially the end game bosses. In a tribe of 10 people, with ~40 dinos per person, if 1 member wanted to breed Rex they could easily end up with ~20 as they try to merge stats, that equates to 50% of their allotted dinos, just to breed a better Rex. We are currently in an event that is actively promoting expanding your dinos by breeding, so on the one hand we are encouraged to do this with a big fluffy promotion and info on the homepage, and on the other we are discouraged with no notice and a line slipped into the patch notes. As the mod points out lots of players are passionate about their dinos, long term players / tribes will undoubtedly have high levels of dinos, and will be resistant to a sudden chance that forces a mass-culling. Maybe allowing permanent upload / stasis via some tek device would be a nicer way to handle things? Larger tribes could manage active dinos within the tribe limit easily with something like this.
  8. wow, ultra aggressive reaction to anyone that doesn't share your exact opinion.
  9. And for those who had this model of tribe before alliances were even in the game?
  10. This it just typical of WC, punish the long time players rather than actually find a solution to the problem. To fully play the game, being in a tribe is pretty much a requirement, but solo players get a huge advantage over tribes now. lame. The limit should scale with members or its completely unfair. I don't personally have 400+ dinos, that would be insane, but my tribe of 10 players does. We are also perfecting our Rex and Argent breed, and to get all our various stats merged we are breeding many generations of these, as per the games requirements, this mechanism alone does not support a 400 Dino cap. Lets talk about Quetzal kibbles, in order to gather Quetzal eggs, we were required to have 4x the amount of necessary females because 95% of their eggs would teleport to 50/50. Mantis eggs? they lay 1 egg every 500 years, so yeah, that's another fail, in order to actually get mantis kibbles we are encouraged to have many mantis given their egg drop rate. Simply casually dropping this into patch notes a few days before the patch drops is absolutely horrendous, with no information how it will affect tribes that are over the limit. To make things "fair" we can each split into 10 separate tribes, then we can each have a 400 dino limit like every other solo player on the server. oh. wait. isn't the server limit 4k? 10x400=oh whoops, problem not fixed, pencil in another "fix" you can drop it with the Windows 10 performance patch and dynamic bridges. GG WC, is this the post content "optimization" regime we are to expect as the game nears completion? More communication is absolutely required before making a change like this.
  11. remove titan from pve

    I completely agree, I lost 30+, including 3 wyv, a golem, mantis, 150 theriz, 150 chalic, when a titano pushed its way over a 14 high wall thats 2 thick. Titano needs to be gone from PVE. I watched as its legs rotated 180 degrees, and it vibrated against my walls until it got through. it had been trying for most of the morning to get in.
  12. Massive laggs on Nitrado Servers

    I wonder if WC will ever acknowledge this or will they just default to their head in the sand as usual? over a week of 60 second long laggs... its pathetic.
  13. Massive laggs on Nitrado Servers

    Add "The-EU-PVE-OfficialServer255 (on Nitrado)"
  14. ARK: Scorched Earth Expansion Pack!

    Finally got onto my server after hours of downtime and 3 crashes after less than 30 seconds of gameplay each. Support only just the other day told me I have no choice but to run the game with startup options that make it look like its running on the 1993 DOOM engine, and now here we are again. So, don't think I'll be buying a paid DLC when the core game is so badly optimized that it crashes constantly, and gets worse with every patch... At least now we know why the core game has had so little focus recently. But hey, thanks for this ~8Gb patch that brings a new door. Perhaps next patch we could get a 16Gb chocolate fire guard that costs 8k crystal, 20k ingots, and 80k poly? it would certainly be more use than a Diplo. I cant begin to fathom how such an amazing game is gradually becoming such a colossal disappointment. Looking forward to that 20% DX12 performance buff, or that "fix" for "Random GPU Driver crash fix: TrueSky", oh, wait, that's "further out" right? RIGHT? Worst thing is the DLC looks amazing, I would gladly shell out 20 bucks if I thought I would get what I see in the demo video. I've lost all faith in the "development cycle". I would have thought finishing the core game would take priority over working on DLC. Releasing paid DLC before finishing the game doesn't make any sense to me, it feels like the core game is gradually being abandoned because WC cant maintain focus and stay on target, I keep hoping that next patch I'll see feature freeze and bug bashing in the patch notes, but it never comes.