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  1. Server 628 terminal

    6 Dimes dead all in (in including their replacements), several Rex's, 260 Melee giga, many daeodons, the list goes on. 255 ping, not able to move, constant dc, slow clock, 5-10 crashes per night... Time to admit you have a problem? This has been the whole event. a complete and utter fail.
  2. Center 628

    260 Melee giga baby dead. Par for the course WC GG.
  3. Massive laggs on Nitrado Servers

    I wonder if WC will ever acknowledge this or will they just default to their head in the sand as usual? over a week of 60 second long laggs... its pathetic.
  4. Massive laggs on Nitrado Servers

    Add "The-EU-PVE-OfficialServer255 (on Nitrado)"
  5. ARK: Scorched Earth Expansion Pack!

    Finally got onto my server after hours of downtime and 3 crashes after less than 30 seconds of gameplay each. Support only just the other day told me I have no choice but to run the game with startup options that make it look like its running on the 1993 DOOM engine, and now here we are again. So, don't think I'll be buying a paid DLC when the core game is so badly optimized that it crashes constantly, and gets worse with every patch... At least now we know why the core game has had so little focus recently. But hey, thanks for this ~8Gb patch that brings a new door. Perhaps next patch we could get a 16Gb chocolate fire guard that costs 8k crystal, 20k ingots, and 80k poly? it would certainly be more use than a Diplo. I cant begin to fathom how such an amazing game is gradually becoming such a colossal disappointment. Looking forward to that 20% DX12 performance buff, or that "fix" for "Random GPU Driver crash fix: TrueSky", oh, wait, that's "further out" right? RIGHT? Worst thing is the DLC looks amazing, I would gladly shell out 20 bucks if I thought I would get what I see in the demo video. I've lost all faith in the "development cycle". I would have thought finishing the core game would take priority over working on DLC. Releasing paid DLC before finishing the game doesn't make any sense to me, it feels like the core game is gradually being abandoned because WC cant maintain focus and stay on target, I keep hoping that next patch I'll see feature freeze and bug bashing in the patch notes, but it never comes.
  6. Smithy limitation? I cannot make my high grade Saddles

    +1 I have several BP's from santa drops that cannot be crafted, as do many others on my server...