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  1. The users putting out grocery lists of animals, be they modern, prehistoric, or fantasy, with no context for how they would work are more irritating to me.
  2. Thought I'd have some fun and suggest some suitable cave dwellers in honor of Aberration. Rattus caniniformus "Wolf Rats" Wild: The ever adaptable common rat has always faired well in harsh environments, and this truly shines through in Aberration. Lacking larger competition, they evolved into cunning, ferocious, and alarmingly agile predators, utilizing their powerful jaws to swiftly bring down their prey. Tamed: When tamed, these slinking monsters are excellent companions. Their powerful incisors bypass most armors, and while it rapidly tires them to do so they are capable of climbing most walls. Agile, fast, and ferocious fighters, few animals to strike with the shocking swiftness of the wolf rats. However, their comparatively frail build leaves them considerably more delicate than their surface world analogues. The wolf rats would be a new, small rideable predator in the caverns. They would be acquired at roughly the same point as a raptor, however their climbing ability allows them to prove somewhat more useful in the more vertically oriented world. However, unlike other climbers, it rapidly exhausts their stamina. Their bites ignore most armor, and their attack speed is extremely fast. They have poor carry weight, and fairly low health. They're fast, they're scrappy, and they can breed like, well, rats. ------------------------------------------ Gigantophis garstini "Mega Pythons" Wild: Far more conventional serpents than the unusual Titanoboa of other regions, Gigantophis is very similar to modern pythons albeit on a massive scale. Gigantophis is fairly slow, yet relentless and incredibly physically powerful, easily crushing most available prey. Tamed: Lacking the poison immunity of Titanoboa, Gigantophis can be tamed more conventionally. When tamed, it can restrain many animals within it's incredibly powerful coils. While physically far stronger than it's cousin, it's sluggishness limits it's utility. The Gigantophis can function as a sort of living chain bola on larger animals while functioning more similarly to the Tuso on smaller ones. It is immensely physically powerful, but is unrideable and extremely slow. ---------------------------------------- Inostrancevia alexandri "Gorgons" Wild: One of the apex predators of the underground, their resiliency during the end of the Permian has well adapted them to this new hardship. Nearly identical to their fossil counterparts, Gorgons are short tempered, fast, and incredibly powerful. Solitary animals, they subdue their prey by brutally charging into them. Tamed: Gorgons gain a buff when in solitude, unlike most other animals. While they are somewhat cumbersome animals, a lone gorgon in full charge is an extremely formidable animal. As stated, Gorgons solitary nature gives them a buff only when alone (not counting their rider), and they are the only gendered animals to lack a mate boost. Instead, they get the "Loner" status when sufficiently seperated from other tames. "Loner" provides an incredible buff nearly entirely across the board at the expense of requiring you to go into combat without support. The Gorgon is capable of tackling into prey and pinning it once it has a full charge meter, similarly to the Thyla yet including larger animals like Stegos. ---------------------------------------------- Blattella gigax "Giant Roaches" Wild: Cockroaches the size of a cow, these animals are actually remarkably docile and flee from predators when given the chance. Immune to radiation, poison, fire, electricity, etc, these insects are totally immune to any debilitating status effects and are capable of climbing most walls, eating anything remotely edible, and even flight. Extremely slow, poorly coordinated flight, but just enough for these giants to escape more earthbound dangers. Tamed: Their resiliency, comparative agility, and respectable weight capacity makes them extremely useful in any early to mid game caravan or small exploration party. However, their incredibly weak attacks necessitates an escort to ensure truly safe passage. The game definitely needs roaches in some capacity, and this map is perfect for such a notoriously radiation resistant animal. When I say that it is capable of flight, I do want to emphasize that compared to the roaches, the Lymantria is a fighter jet. ----------------------------------- Chlamydosaurus velodromeus "Frillies" Wild: These extremely skittish massive lizards are one of the fastest ways to travel through these regions. Swift, powerful runners and jumpers easily capable of carrying a rider and three passengers, they are physically resilient but combatively nearly useless. However, utilizing their frill in combination with an ear splitting shriek, they can frighten off most threats. Tamed: An excellent means for a crew of people to traverse this environment in relative safety and speed, or for a single rider to take advantage of it's respectable carrying capacity. It possesses the same intimidation ability as the Yuti, however it lacks the complimentary buff roar and is also drastically less capable in a physical conflict, relying far more on bark than bite. I thought it would be really interesting to give another animal the intimidation ability, but to be far more reliant on it. Frillies can be used in PvP but in a far more support oriented role. Their multi person saddle with a well equipped crew can make them quite dangerous, but the animal itself has very low damage despite being roughly the size of a Carno. ---------------------------------- These are all just some quick ideas, but they seemed fun for the new map.
  3. Raft exploit fixed

    Most of the builds require extending beyond the 3x3 of the base raft, only sinking the foundations is not the only concern. With the sample video, that's pretty evident. The foundations clearly extend further in front and behind. The point, building in this game is supposed to be fun. It's a big ol' sandbox to play with and this just cut down a really fun area of the game for more low key players.
  4. Raft exploit fixed

    The biggest thing I believe is at play here are people with two radically different experiences with raft building. If most of what you're running into is glitch-exploiting PvP bad behavior Then I totally understand that attitude towards boat building. On the other hand, builds like this aren't exploiting collision mechanics to get a leg up on PvP, they're mostly just cool displays of creativity, mobile bases, etc. This is the kind of build a lot of people in this thread wish they could still make, something that while it looks really nice, doesn't really harm PvP players to any degree. A boat like that looks really impressive but it's really only a decorative build. Basically, there must be some means of fixing raft construction to keep both sides happy, the best change being to improve collision detection. As an additional comment, I've gotten the new command to work in my single player game, but it's not working on my unofficial server. Has anyone gotten it to work properly on their's?
  5. Vehicles in ark

    Just being able to hitch a cart behind a Trike would be really nice. More expensive and slower than the regular saddle, but allows for several passengers, 50% extra weight, anything like that.
  6. Raft exploit fixed

    I'm testing in in single player and that option either isn't working properly entirely or isn't applying to rafts. So, that sucks.
  7. Dire Wolf nerf

    Wolves get the pack buff and don't require a saddle. You could, particularly on SE, tame and ride a wolf at any time and have a really solid mount. The saber has been a lesser choice than the dire wolf for ages now, and now the two actually have more reasonable trade offs.
  8. No New Content?

    So SE has been out for a long time now, and it feels kind of weird that, after the initial dump of content it never got anything new and exclusive. It gained some of the new animals all the other maps got, but never anything else new for itself. Would anyone else like the map to get new, desert exclusive animals? SE is kind of getting left behind in terms of having shiny new toys, or incentive to revisit the map aside from wyverns and elementals. Why not add say, gorgonopsids, rideable bats, additional snakes with harvestable biotoxin venom, anything else new and distinct to SE?
  9. Breeding for casuals

    The way the default settings push for no life-ing this game is genuinely horrendous. People have jobs, school, kids, spouses, other things to do. These ungodly amounts of time things take to do in this game are obscene.
  10. More Playable Races

    I'm actually really down for this idea. Relabel reptillians and pygmies as Dinosauroids and H. florasiensis and you've got the right vibe.
  11. Dossier Contest?

    I'd imagine that the devs pick a handful and the community votes. If there were enough entries, it could even be done as a tournament style bracket.
  12. Dossier Contest?

    This is a suggestion to both the devs and the fans, but would the idea of a dossier contest interest anyone? Basic idea being that, with the final dossiers being polished off, maybe one of the absolute last animals could be something designed by the fans, with the final winner getting into the actual game. I think it'd be a really cool idea to include to really hype up what should be one of the last patches to the main game's content.
  13. Then make the luck ability triggerable with an extremely long cool down period. I'd much rather that than lose my animal after half an hour.
  14. 30 minutes?! Unless the buff to drops is outrageously powerful that is an obscenely short amount of time. Here I was thinking the Titanosaur was bad in that regard...
  15. Like this, but a bit more elaborate. Probably best as a two person saddle with one person in a more conventional position on the back, with the second manning the elevator off the neck. Add a little manual crank in the elevator platform to adjust the height. The person riding from the back can move the entire animal but cannot control the elevator. Probably best as a mid-tier tame due to limited offensive capability but very useful when you're building larger structures. Poor harvesting ability, but can defend itself well from mid sized carnivores. It's really oriented as a stay at home, utility based dinosaur. For some reason the picture isn't loading for me, here's the link. https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/f7/80/5b/f7805bf8c83a83cbc8525d976ef4bc37.jpg