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  1. Odd items in Halloween drops?

    I'm getting same drops on official legacy server. btw sotf trophies have winner names on them
  2. Halloween Event?

    as experienced player myself I don't know what to do with my vaults of chitin I got before event. never looted any chitin in last 6 months
  3. Better Character Customize

    once devs said what current chars are just placeholders but that was long time ago and I haven't seen anything new on that from devs. still waiting for better face/body customization since my first day in ark
  4. yes, you can do it, at least on steam. that's the way I made my se base. I also transferred a grinder and some broths to get some levels fast
  5. PIPES omg they suck

    oh. that's sad. looks I was misinformed, but I was sure I saw a dev post saying something about that
  6. PIPES omg they suck

    Structures+ have similar mechanics once WC said they have plans to add this mod to core game so lets hope they'll do it soon
  7. Stone ramps... are we ever going to get them?

    I'd actually prefer them adding straight stairs with ability to behave like ramps (so you can dig them into ground by 2/3) since we can use sloped roofs as ramp sometimes. but stone ramps and finally drops with stope bps? why not?
  8. Beds and cool down periods

    I can easy stack sleeping bags/ primitive beds on top of each other and they don't share respawn timer. are you sure you got your timers grouped? if you're just looking at them it could be what just the timer of top bed is shown to you, to check the timer you should place a sleeping bag in some distance (I think 10 foundations is enough) use it and look at the map. if you recently respawned in one of your beds and all of them are grey on the map then you're right and that's weird.
  9. Newborn Wyvern Stats

    I think you're right - wyvern don't count as wild creatures so dododex and wiki can't help you sine that's for taming. but babies count as bred creatures so they're not just tamed. you should try smart breeding app for that, it will show you how good a stat is for bred babies https://github.com/cadon/ARKStatsExtractor
  10. actual size of vaults

    I think it is not vault's fault. for me it looks what metal ceilings and hatch frames are too thick, could be because of planks under them. as a fix you can remove your ceiling and place vault first, usually vaults allow placing ceilings with a bit of clipping
  11. and this is MUCH BETTER because you don't have to wait at obelisk for 30+ min and can do something god instead.
  12. ppl using the platform as a parking lot

    I have no transmitter engram yet and before I thought it will work like that because it is like personal obelisk. this really should be implemented. most of the people parking dinos at obelisks already got their own transmitters and would be happy to keep their boss stuff at their base instead of platforms
  13. Preverving bin re-work

    yes, but then you wont be able to make jerky on the island/any other map without preserving salts source. overall good ideas here
  14. Ally structure placing

    I don't think there are any alliance settings. it looks ally building is on by default
  15. so when is patch 270 being Dropped for PC

    I dont play xbox but how do they test it? maybe certification team is playing ark because they got addicted by the game and forgot to release that update?