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  1. [EG] Comdriver W31

    Whats yalls favorite armor

    looks I'm a weirdo here because on my pve server I always wear green or orange colored riot gear and I never saw anyone else in riot. also I think mix of hide chest and riot pants (especially blue colored ones) and boots looks good on female survivors. for boss and cave runs I use orange colored set of flak.
  2. [EG] Comdriver W31

    Argies broken with new TLC?

    same thing here, official legacy, no crafting other than placing bps to argys inventory
  3. [EG] Comdriver W31

    PvE Stats - what are yours?

    I always go for this: 200 hp - enough to jump from tall dinos and to survive most of the fight with good armor 200 stamina - helps to run for longer time 600 weight - on PVE most of the time I move mats around 115 speed - with 200 hp and 200 stam it is enough to run through swamps/redwoods/aberration blue area to get back on my dino if I died by any accident and rest to fortitude not used stats: food/water - no comments oxygen - since it doesn't give any good swimming speed now and at lvl 100 scuba gear is pretty easy to get I see no reason to put anything to it melee - it doesnt help with my ranged weapons and to kill/farm stuff I use my pets anyway. what's the reason to put points in melee on pve? crafting - no reason for it if you don't go full crafting or at least 50 lvl into crafting
  4. [EG] Comdriver W31

    Anyone lose dinos to actual gameplay anymore?

    lost 17 boss rexes at bm arena because somehow I pressed E, dismounted and was oneshotted by broodmother. had no unintentional dismounts like for a year.
  5. [EG] Comdriver W31

    Session List NECESSITY

    there is "my survivors" list which can help if you don't go insane numbers with survivors on every server. anyway I like the idea of survivor name or even notes columns in server lists
  6. [EG] Comdriver W31

    A few questions, hopefully a better understanding

    I have my acs in a small room (4x4) made of greenhouse walls and when egg is hatched I move baby to bigger room and that system works good enough
  7. [EG] Comdriver W31

    Legacy server kill list

    if you know numbers/names of the servers you play on you can just open the page with kill list, press F3 (or Ctrl+F) in your browser and type your server name. if nothing is found - that server is safe to play. but notification on joining a server and another one once in a hour would be nice addition since not all players read news on this forum/twitter/etc
  8. [EG] Comdriver W31

    Normal for new tames to level quickly?

    yes, it is normal https://ark.gamepedia.com/Levels#Creature_Levels not much xp needed for a few first lvls, you can gain them even just by standing for a few hours
  9. [EG] Comdriver W31

    all wild Gigantopithecus LVL1

    not only wild and not only on ragnarok
  10. [EG] Comdriver W31


    after the patch my ape (was lvl 120 before taming) became lvl 1 and lost all stats. also it looks inventory weight isn't applied correctly in ui (still cant put more that is says in stats)
  11. [EG] Comdriver W31

    Tek rebalance suggestions

    not sure about gas mask (I wasnt in swamp cave wit tek helmet) but I think it already works as scuba tank using element to breathe. overall good ideas, at least from pve view point
  12. [EG] Comdriver W31

    Structure countdown

    I think server lags add some to timers
  13. [EG] Comdriver W31

    Upload Cooldown

    a bit better solution would be changing it so you can put items to obelisk at any time but they stay there for duration of world save (35 min timer) and will be uploaded to the "cloud" only after that. this will mean you cant get your items back on any server until the timer runs out but also you don't have to run (heh, sure, running with 10000 metal ingots in inventory) around having all the items with you for 30+ min but that's just a BIT better solution, easy fix. much better would be to get rid of the timers at all since people still can duplicate as I see on forums (I personally had never seen anyone doing that on my server)
  14. [EG] Comdriver W31

    hive not producing honey

    check hives in 30 min or a hour I had emty hives a few times and I think the problem is honey spoil timers and quantity restriction in hives. before we could get like 300 honey in one hive and there was enough time to spawn new honey when some of it spoil. now I think there is a time window when all old honey spoils but new one still have to spawn
  15. [EG] Comdriver W31

    Stone fire?

    6 slots for campfire sounds good but better to move this to game suggestions