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  1. old server getting lesser player online?

    crab kibble on aberration. and you can't move kibble from the island to aberration. some people would be happy to have much less dinos but kibble system make us tame everything what lays eggs. I think eggs should be used only for breeding and kibble should be made just of special meat (like dodo leg) or rare berries
  2. Suggestion New Stance: Attack Aggressive Targets

    at least I would like to get that "neutral" stance for plants and turrets so they wont kill harmless dimorphs flying around
  3. Change the pin on the map to an arrow for easier navigation!

    yes, tek map obtainable after defeating any of tek bosses would be really good. I would like to see it as a tek pad like the ones with tek notes/dossiers
  4. crashing with rollbacks on legacy aberration 904 whole evening
  5. Old Ark

    hm.. when I saw ark in late 2015 I thought "look at this! looks like cool sci-fi game with alien technologies! I have to play it!"
  6. Changing buttons on PC

    I wonder about that too. looks devs forgot to add them to game options screen. I still have tribe chat on the key I set for it before new interface so I think it is possible to change it somewhere in ini files, but option in game settings is much more preferred.
  7. Imprint Changes - IN GAME NOW

    why do you want to increase maturation timers to fix 100%? why not just make 8h imprint x2.2 instead of just x2 of previous imprinting percent?
  8. Icthyornis needs to be nerfed!!!!!

    ichtyornis stealing definitely broken. one of them stole a stack of berries from me when I was feeding dinos inside stone building at my base. and while I was looking for it inside, my theri killed it outside
  9. The Future of Flyers

    and for PVE after the nerf playing on flyer is not much different from what it was before. just hit and hold W key all the time. main difference is what now you have to do it for much longer time.
  10. Odd items in Halloween drops?

    I'm getting same drops on official legacy server. btw sotf trophies have winner names on them
  11. Halloween Event?

    as experienced player myself I don't know what to do with my vaults of chitin I got before event. never looted any chitin in last 6 months
  12. Better Character Customize

    once devs said what current chars are just placeholders but that was long time ago and I haven't seen anything new on that from devs. still waiting for better face/body customization since my first day in ark
  13. yes, you can do it, at least on steam. that's the way I made my se base. I also transferred a grinder and some broths to get some levels fast
  14. PIPES omg they suck

    oh. that's sad. looks I was misinformed, but I was sure I saw a dev post saying something about that
  15. PIPES omg they suck

    Structures+ have similar mechanics once WC said they have plans to add this mod to core game so lets hope they'll do it soon