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  1. @Cedric maybe you could bring devs attention to this or at least tell us what this issue is being looked at?
  2. Server version 306.5, still same behavior. I've recently found what main cause of log spam was mod named Auto Run Func+ (https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=801082391) After removing it from the mod list I'm getting much less messagges, just a few from ACM and may be a few from S+ (have to test them). At least now I won't run out of free disk space. Check if you have Auto Run, it looks this line belongs to that mod.
  3. Server version 306.48, same behavior. It generates 1 megabyte of log file in 1 minute.
  4. Genesis update: allactors call during gameplay All of my maps are spamming with this message few times per second. Two of six maps crashed a few times and I think it is related to this message. Is there a to fix this? Update: It looks what I found the reason for two crashing maps - somehow during update ARK servers took all free space on my drive, trying to clean that now. Still have no idea what to do with "AllActors Call"
  5. Maybe I've missed something but I haven't seen that released so is there a chance for unofficial server's settings to unnerf flyers? There was a promise for that long time ago and this setting would improve QoL for unofficials.
  6. since your problem is solved I just would like to add a small note for others reading this. it looks what "external host" field in your router firewall rules means IP of the host what is allowed to connect to your server, so by putting your own IP address there you have limited all connections to your ark server only to yourself. by leaving that field blank you allow everyone to connect.
  7. Hi @Spikeydragoon. You made an awesome work with this cross ark chat and I really like it! I'm not sure where to post this so I'll try it here. I encountered a problem with rcon. Everything works fine for some time At least for first two servers from my list of four, by some reason it doesn't work with Aberration and Ragnarok servers. For TheIsland and Scorched I can read ark chat in discord and ark can read discord channels but after some time it stops working and nothing happens until I restart CrossDiscordArkChat.exe. RconErrors.txt is full of this line repeated every 10 secnds:
  8. [EG] Comdriver W31

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    my base on the Island. work in progress since 2016
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    images I upload to post on forums
  10. I'm sure there are rex, wolf and bronto. not sure about fourth..
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