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  1. so when is patch 270 being Dropped for PC

    I dont play xbox but how do they test it? maybe certification team is playing ark because they got addicted by the game and forgot to release that update?
  2. Anyone still playing legacy

    me and my friends are going to stay on lagacy until it's end if it will be shut down anytime - I hope I'll be able do download server data and start it as my own server
  3. Official Server launch timeframe

    heh. I could stop waiting and do something useful but I had 4 adolescent ankys when servers went down. still wonder if they are alive
  4. My base

    my base on the Island. work in progress since 2016
  5. for posting

    images I upload to post on forums
  6. Massive lag spikes every 5 mins since patch on official

    looks every server is lagging now, insane lags on 118 too, got kicked out of the game 10 times already. it's unplayable.
  7. then there should be a timer lock for a day or so, don't disable it completely
  8. Where's the flyer Buff......

    I'm sure they are much faster
  9. Where's the flyer Buff......

    and here I am.. left the ark for 2 months with the flyer nerf and now playing again.. if that can be called playing. usually sitting at my base or running around naked and chatting with friends on steam. so do you think this counts as I'm for the speed nerf? slow speed still give same safety as before nerf. it just makes me annoyed and makes it impossible to play the whole game because I don't have time to fly around for hours
  10. Can I expect the following before official release?

    I saw somewhere what this idea was dropped, and I'm actually for it. ground meshes will have more polygons, you'll have to have more textures in your video memory and this will lead to less fps. also it will be harder to find something dropped in grass, looking for current package is much easier. as for other 6 lines I totally agree with you.
  11. Get Rid of the behavior Tab

    making radial menu split in sections is really good idea, was waiting for it long time. but how it is done - should be reviewed. really move all rename, spay, unclaim to next level of menu and bring back follow, wander and maybe aggro settings to the first level
  12. new menu ui looks cheap

    I think you guys are talking about different menus. OP, as I get it, is talking about main menu, where you can choose to join a server, start a new game, leave the game and etc.. in he is right, that one looks cheap. and you're talking about single player/local server setup window, which is much better now but still can get some improvements. I personally (since I use lots of mods in single) would like to move mods section to its own window with two columns: mods installed and mods applied to current game
  13. PVE Offline Raiding Protection Issues and Feedback

    not all dinos, as you see I used word "some" in that line what you quoted. if covering my base with foundations snapped to each other, with 16 walls high fence around my base all made of stone, having dinos inside large house (just for clarification - hose is a building with floor coverd by foundations, 4 walls without any holes but with closed and pinned behe gate and a roof made of regular and sloped ceilings, without any holes too) doesn't count as good enclosure - than teach me, mighty Bob. and yes, dinos were all on passive because sometimes there is wild titan walking outside of my base and it is better to loose some dinos to lvl 5 raptor than loose everything because a dodo aggroed titan. also, for clarification, that happened when I was offline at work. this is still wild dinos spawn bug. I even had beavers and their dam spawned inside metal house (for definition of a house look above) other base at hidden lake.
  14. Raft Building Trick (30 second is all it takes, fewer resources)

    then they should att snap points for ceilings on the raft because without low foundations rafts are really ugly. or may be dont allow building higher tier than wood on wooden raft and higher than metal on motorboat?
  15. 2nd Anniversary Event - Hype

    you can get them by achievement system if you're on steam