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  1. I guess Ill try here, since you have removed my 2 previous posts. CrossArk 14 doesnt have a Gen 2 server with NO information as too why and when it can be resolved.
  2. I just replied to a post that CA 14 didnt have a Gen 2 map and you took it down...Good job! You have over 30 reports that the server is missing, wouldn't mind and update on this.
  3. CrossArk 14 doesnt have a live Gen2...maybe you can fix this!
  4. Bumping this! Only CA to not have a Gen 2???
  5. Honestly they have an ok idea, until they say "4 server cluster". You are taking the Conq PvP away and replacing it with a bunch of little crossarks. The entire player base from Conq that loved the style and rates, literally have nothing to go to.
  6. First off wiping Conq is pretty dumb imo, but thats par for ARK. However, for the love of everything that is Holy, DONT MAKE IT A 4 SERVER CLUSTER!!! How are you guys so dense to not see that you will have 25 alliances dominate the 25 cluster, then they will complain there is not PvP. OR keep the small cluster and cap tribes at 6 man. Will still have alliances, however it would be harder to organize (not a great option, but better than what you have come up with).
  7. @Jat First Thank you! To you and your team, the game is great, please keep up the good work! Obviously this is one persons opinion (however I'm sure that other will agree). Please consider the CrossARK setup for you new server launches. If I read you post correct you will have an open transfer system like you currently have on officials. This makes it so the massive tribes can essentially dominate. With the CrossARK it at least prevents those massive tribe from only owning 1 CrossARK not countless officials. Also, if you look at the consistently high player count on the CrossARK se
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