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  1. Returning player Took a lil break from ark when the gods decided it was my turn to take the wipe. We all need a break sooner and later so wasn't nothing except a lot of the people I played with are also taking a break, so I find myself tribeless and on the solo. I'm looking for a smaller tribe to join that could use the help or another hand around the base. Lvl 97 pretty all around player is say. I'm 31 usually play night eastern time. Got a mic. If anyone could use another player hit me up. GT is tenquotient9442 Xbox pvp
  2. Look a wannabe mod. Doesn't have anything to say but "shouldn't this post" blah blah blah if it's gonna get moved it will lol
  3. Hey guys I have a tribe of around 5 10 people give or take at times. I'm currently looking for a official SE server to play and grow on. I know trolls are everywhere and our tribe can handle trolls but don't want to build and get wiped because we have wyverns. We don't troll and we don't attack unless provoked. Pretty much defend our selves. We don't mind helping others enjoy the game and all our tribe members are respectful. If you have a server that's friendly or are a alpha on a server looking to grow its numbers message me please or send a message to my gamer tag Tenquotient9442. Much appreciated
  4. I'm getting my levels back tonight but I was in a solo tribe per say rest of the members quit so no way for me to get my stuff back and I'm ok with this. Now from my understanding, if you are in a tribe with others just get rein cited back and things should be ok as long as it's not personal owned and tribes owned same as Dino's. As far as personal accomplishments I'm not positive on that. Those waiting for responses on tickets took me 3 weeks to get a response, they are just backed up. It's a big inconvenience but they are trying to do there best
  5. Guys I also lost my character bout 3 weeks to a month ago. I put a ticket in and finally got a response. They are gonna replace my levels but any Dino's or whatever Ima lose unless I was in a guild. Then just get reinvented to guild and walaa u got ur stuff. But doesn't help being a solo tribe like myself but I'm just happy to get my levels back. If you got wiped your starting over but least you have your levels. Crappy situation but least you won't have to level from scratch again
  6. I feel you guys, no fix or even a nod saying we're gonna fix it. Hate to say it but isn't looking good for us.
  7. Seems like this is happening more and more. Seems like it started bout a week ago and still no fix for those guys. So to those who lost their character today it isn't looking good anytime soon
  8. @propz yes hopefully it comes back without a problem because starting over really will suck. I guess we were supposed to just make a new character for se even tho it stated new gateway to travel back and forth haha
  9. Same thing happened to me earlier. I was on center map, uploaded my character to scorched earth and got a error message saying download has failed but when I go back to download ark survivor there's nothing there. I've done same thing a bunch of times no problem except this time. If anyone has a fix or no of a solution invite or message me at tenquotient9442.