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  1. Looking to join up pvp non smalltribe xbox Been playing smalltribe for sometime with 2 coworkers, looking to possibly play with a large competent group of people. We will get our own gear and dinos, not looking to leech, just looking for more people to play with. We already have characters on the OG servers all around 80, we are mid 20 to early 30s ages and all work 40hours a week. All have been playing ark for a long time.
  2. Beginner servers was a good idea. Hoping the small tribe servers will benefit from extra life boosts if you do it again.
  3. Tame a few snow owls and put them facing the gachas, while you are around they will collect, we put 3 in front of each gacha. They both had 60+ when we went to feed them the next day. Snow owls are quick tames.
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