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  1. Yes, I have Prime and SE, I want the collectable stuff!
  2. new menu ui looks cheap

    I liked the old main menu, but I love having access to breeding settings in the server setup, I was too lazy to dig around in .ini files. The new menu does look cheap, especially since there's nothing at the bottom-center.
  3. Just checked, I can start SE, The Center, and my procedural map fine, it seems to be a problem with the Island.
  4. Invisible Armor Bug

    Ya, that's happening to me too. I can't see my arm, either. It's annoying, I'm glad we don't do PvP.
  5. Invisible armor on non-dedicated sessions

    Happens on mine too. It is annoying.
  6. Since just before 258, whenever I try to load into my singleplayer game or host nondedicated, I get this popup, and the game crashes. I can join fine, and I joined a steam friend on their nondedicated, but I can't get on my world. I tried deactivating my mods, one by one, in case it was one of them, but I got to Prime and still nothing. I deleted the game and reinstalled it, I still can't access my singleplayer. Anyone had this problem and fixed it, or knows what's causing it? I'm running a GTX 970, i5-6500, and 32GB DDR4, if that helps.
  7. Small watercraft options

    That's a cool idea, though maybe not so useful. You couldn't transport much, and probably couldn't carry dinos.
  8. Thanks, I guess I'll have to do that. It's annoying, though I suppose less so than going al the way across the map. 'Need a mod to change that, like classic flyers did.
  9. Thanks. I don't like that, I wonder what the reasoning was.
  10. Thanks. I don't like that, I wonder what the reasoning was.
  11. Sponsored Mod Program: May Update

    Nice, I'll have to check those out.
  12. Artifact of The Massive not being stored in dino I just did the Lava cave a couple days ago. I flew all the way across the map from my base on the western coast, set up a structure to keep my Argy safe, and entered the cave clad in Ghillie armour and with Polly the Dimorphodon on my shoulder. We went into the cave, took some selfies, and grappled over the pond of lava to reach the artifact. My brother grabbed his, then we waited for it to respawn, I grabbed mine, dropped my Dimorphodon, and tried to put the artifact in her, but it wouldn't let me. I thought maybe it was weight, but it wouldn't be stored in my Argy outside either. Has anyone else been unable to store this or other artifacts in dinos? Is this part of the game now or just a bug? 'Cause some of the caves are pretty far away, and we need three of each of the required artifacts to spawn each boss in all it's forms, and I don't want to have to fly across the entire map three times just to transport my artifacts home.
  13. Noose for Public Hangings

    Yes, that'd be fun for roleplay. Also stocks.
  14. Weird, are you snapping the staircases to each other or putting ceilings between?
  15. Breeding System

    Breeding System I've seen a bit of the breeding system and the new features related to it, and I think it'd be really cool if breeding used Mendelian genetics. For example, if breedable dinosaurs had a chromosome pair for each stat and colour region, and then inherited one chromosome from each parent (maybe with some kind of point scale for dominance). There could be whatever chance of a positive, negative, or colour mutation on any given chromosome. Then, when you bred that dino, you would get either the dominant or the recessive trait from it, and so on. I think it'd add more logic and planning to the breeding system, especially if there was a Tek or late-game machine that would let you see a dino's "genetic code."