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  1. Only the reinforced double doors, not any of the others, I'll try the other suggestion and replace the smithy.
  2. Yes it should is an old smithy, I will give that a go thanks.
  3. OK so me and my husband have not played Ark on over a year due to it being unplayable for myself hosting or joining a non and dedicated server, but today we tried again and was thrilled to finally be able to play again. So we are on an older save, I learn the engrams for some of the S+ Homestead items like double doors but they are nowhere to be found within the smithy. I think I remember seeing some people with this issue when homestead was first released, but cannot see any fix anywhere for it. Did they not fix it or am I stupid?
  4. well it seems all day considering the first tweet about it was 7 hours ago, and I hear you about information not being on the official forums, this has been like this for a long time and most information especially early on was info from people repeating what the devs put on twitter or reddit,
  5. Thanks for the reply, 1) - is not needed as we own ark and have done for a lonnng time hehe, The windows version is under his account so I cannot play it on the PC anyway. 2) - I did not know you could not run and play off the same machine, I just thought that was for the Xbox due to it not being strong enough to handle that, but a PC would, but I could be well incorrect their lol. Regarding the non-dedicated, I thought non-dedi's had the tether, that's why we want a dedicated server to play together without the tether, as when we ran a non dedi on xbox we had the tether, ahh but thinking about that, we were on one Xbox, so it was local split screen, so with us running a non-dedi we would lose the tether? 3) Yeah we were supposed to have play anywhere last year. But delays after delays after delays.. now its here and does not work lol
  6. Yes they have been tweeting all day that they are working on it with Microsoft. https://twitter.com/Jatheish
  7. Ok I am soo confused, I have been waiting for this since they announced it.I have tweeted @Jatheish but no answer so hoping someone here can clarify this. Re: Windows 10/Xbox cross play My hubby bought the Xbox copy & now has access to the Windows 10 version & family shares the game with me on Xbox so I play, now If he hosts and plays on Windows 10 can I play with him from Xbox? or do I need to buy another copy? I understand that he cannot run a dedi from Windows 10 and then play from the Xbox. But what about gameshare/family Share? We cannot afford to shell out 100 Euros for another copy of the game and dlc etc. Also just to note there are other games that are play anywhere that and are still in Game Preview that we gameshare and can play, He logs in on pc launches the game, I log into my profile on Xbox and can play with him. Hope this makes sense lol
  8. I have been searching my single player game the island no dlc for skele's and cannot find one, not to mention that as it is a single player game I don't even know if I can kill any of the alphas or even the Dodorex (as yet to even find), all this just for a witches hat that will get taken away next week lol. I can't even carve pumpkins, paint them yes but not carve, No ghosts or fog around gravestones. I am going to do the destroywilddinos command to see if that helps any.
  9. @Jat WHY OH why do you decide to have a sale on steam after I already have paid all my bills etc I get paid on a Thursday, so you decide to have it Friday to Tuesday!! and then not tell us until after its started and after I already spent my money on bills and Xbox...... I wanted to buy Ark for steam too I feel like a pile of dodo feces....
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