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  1. yeah. Or its the bug that came up with the valentines update where it wont eat for a little while.
  2. the only thing i can think of is if you have dino food rate set to zero? that kinda breaks taming.
  3. Its true that eventually they would get back to their old status faster than some people. But it would still keep them from wipeing other servers for "fun" because nobody can touch their home server. I would actually say they could add a system like in 7 days to die. Where you have a item that strengthens your buildings within a specific area. you can only place one but the heart of your base would be harder to raid. They could also make it where its harder to destroy your "claim" while your offline just not invincible.The issue i see with the current system is that people have built up insane numbers of ascendent/Mc gear/bps that makes any normal starting tribe useless. Especially with the current duping that some people are using. thats why i suggested balancing/fixing exploits needs to happen first.
  4. Thats just it. If its a permanent lock it will be just like before where you have to fight for a spot in the new servers and it will be just as full of trolls. I truly want good servers too. But i feel they have balance issues and they need to get a lock on the exploits that let people ruin the experience for others.
  5. This would not do anything. adding new pvp servers even while keeping them locked transfer wise for a bit never works. They should just do a global reset to all servers for the full release. While yes alot of peoples time and effort has went into them. There is no reason that 90% of servers be pratically empty 24/7. there is over 600 servers on xbox for pvp and on average i see the great majority at 10 or fewer on average. Also by global wipe i include everything thats been stored in the tranfer system so its a true fresh start for everyone. However like anything there is too many people who would complain.
  6. yep. level 250 fire wyvern and the biggest threat i had was a 240 carno. I had actually thought that for once i had found a server that didnt have jerks in it.
  7. Yeah server was nice for awhile. then just boom offline raided despite not even touching another tribe once. Too bad they wasted alot of supplies to get nothing but junk bps of a solo player.
  8. Well it makes it so that people cant just raid someone without consequence just because they didnt kill a person or dino. Like the jerk who just destroyed my single cannon with his wyvern simple because he could without me knowing who did it. If they added it for a reason, then why remove the key part of it?
  9. Why even have that feature in the game if it does nothing? Without a name attached to it, Its just something in tribe log that fills up space.
  10. Ive actually done that right before i left a tribe i started by myself. Even though all the dinos etc were tamed before the tribe they all went red. The tribe shouldnt exist when it has no members. As when you do it properly you could easily use it to set up automated bases thats no longer attached to your player name.
  11. Well im shocked to say the least. Lost the kapro i was taming but i was alive along with my vulture and argy. So i count that as a close call win...
  12. yeah just got kicked right in the middle of tameing while out hunting prime on the ground so yeah... Well guess my argy and vulture are dead by now, along with the kapro i was tameing...
  13. Fine the moment my video of be destroying a adobe wall inside a double walled structure is finished uploading you will see what i am talking about. Yes the lovely video is a fine example of someone exploiting game mechanics. Its a low quality setup because your forced to use adobe despite it being trash outside of its insulation effect. Its rough as you put it because they only give you one option on armor/buildings thats required to even survive. If they intended you to be able to use metal walls why would they make it almost a death trap? They want you to use adobe which they made only just a tad better than wood.Which wouldnt keep out a determined carno or even a trike. Yes just like glitching foundations into rafts wouldnt be a exploit just because its popular, Or carrying a anky on a quezt platform to allow it to gather infinitly. Just because many people use it does not mean its not a exploit/glitch. If they wished for people to stack walls on top of each other would they make it so complex to do so? A glitch/exploit is anything that the original designers didnt intend to be possible. So here kindly look if you truly think i was makeing it up. Shadow1/a911a2dd-b28a-4bd2-b1f4-044b98b91bf6
  14. Because when you place a double wall at the center of two foundations they glitch into each other slightly. You can then remove the outer foundation if you wished and the wall that needed it will stay. Yes it was metal. In fact if you dont use pillars on the corners it even easier to destroy the inner wall without damageing the outer one. However Its a bad mechanic that requires you to use a low quality building set just so you dont die in your own house. Its just like how you almost need to use the desert armor just so you dont dehydrate in 5 seconds. However it gives less protection than even chitin. If they were going to make the enviroment so much more hostile they could atleast give gear that would be usefull at all levels, instead of forcing you to look for ways to avoid the drawbacks by exploiting something thats not intended.