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  1. All I see is you complaining that the game is too easy, and then 2 seconds later complaining the game is too hard.
  2. What server are you playing on? Assuming you're playing on an official server (which I find unlikely, because there's absolutely no way to get to level 100 in 24 hours on official rates), it's common practice for most game developers to not replace anything when lost to game bugs. Not sure how you come to the conclusion this is the only game that practices this policy, but my guess is you haven't played a lot of games.
  3. Tek helmet + spyglass while they're hanging in the trees, shoot the one I want. If you're on the ground they usually don't bother grabbing you. You can also mostly avoid it wearing full ghillie. I also struggle every time I get grabbed before the spooder starts eating me. Carry parachutes too, you can trigger them while being dragged and it make them reel you in slower, plus when you do escape the chute is deployed.
  4. I shoot the bloodstalker out of the tree with a long neck, lead it to a simple trap (4 dino gates with a pressure plate in the middle to close the gates when the stalker enters). Then I let the blood stalker grab me and feed on me until I die (usually carry a few blood packs as well) to get a taming bar. Respawn on a nearby hide bag, then I throw a cryo'd tame into the trap. the bloodstalker will eventually bio-grapple the tame and feed on it until it dies. Rinse and repeat with cryo'd tames. I've been sciencing this a bit over the last few days because I'm currently working on a bloodstalker
  5. Because these forums are so bad, there's no way for me to delete a post.
  6. Prior to the patch, I tamed around 25 high level blood stalkers. The server I play on is max 210 and I only target 189+, we have 15 times taming, so around 150-250 blood packs for a tame. I've started a breeding line on the server, because I'm the only one stupid enough to do this, considering the time investment in taming these things prior to the patch. But if I have to feed multiple tames to these thing before I can tame them at 100%, breeding them is pretty much impossible due to the time investment required to get 100% efficiency being ridiculous.
  7. I've fed several bloodstalkers tames, and it's had zero effect as far as I can see. Still locked at 57.1%. And even if it is the case, it's a seriously terrible way to tame these things. It's already hard enough taming them with blood packs. As it stands now, they are pretty much pointless tames.
  8. I love how elitist people that play PvP are, specially in Ark, where there's very little actual PvP. it's 90% offline raiding, and that's basically sitting on a bullet soaker. PvP in Ark is f**king boring as f**k.
  9. Those patch notes are weeks old, from when the Vday event was made live. They are still yet to post the patch notes for Genesis Part 1.
  10. This. Just the fact that Wildcard seems to think knowing a release date for their own content close to the end of what they announced is the month of release as "exciting news" without even giving us a date is ridiculous. Why even bother to make an announcement like that expecting the community to take it as anything more than an insult to our intelligence. I mean, we all knew already that Aberration wouldn't be released in October, because Wildcard have a history serious issues with sticking to deadlines, and then not informing their community they're behind schedule, and won't be releas
  11. I'm exactly the same. Thanks for the additional info, this tool is a server admin's dream. Thanks for creating it 8)
  12. Although i don't agree with the tone of this post, I agree with the sentiment. It would be really nice to see some documentation on how to use the various features in this tool, like how to assign hotkeys, and how the hotkey system actually works, etc.
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