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  1. I think every server should be a cluster server, with the island, center, and scorched earth with a 100 player cap. And you can transfer anything you want but only within your cluster. If you wish to transfer to a different cluster you can only transfer your player. Just my two cents either way I love the game and spend more time than I care to admit, keep up the good work and thank you for being more informative with the community!
  2. Devs are not saying anything on twitter, and anytime I hear " on pc, not sure about Xbox" that usually means Xbox will not get the update for at least another 3 days.
  3. When is the A portion of this Q&A going to be posted?
  4. Please for the love of Ark and all that is holy put a timer count down on the follow all whistle command
  5. Can we get water and oil veins added to the island and center?
  6. I would like to see a large hovercraft with a shore landing ramp.
  7. I know this has been mentioned a few times, but can we get fertilizer tanks that go inline with irrigation pipes, so we don't have to fertilize each crop plot?
  8. It would also be cool if we could build a quetz platform stand. So if you tame a better quetz you don't have to rebuild whatever is on your platform. You would just walk your quetz through the stand and press a button to lock the saddle to the stand. You could then walk the old quetz away and bring the new one to the stand and attach the platform to the new quetz.
  9. Can we get a illumination canon ball? Made of hide, spark powder, gun powder and a parachute. When shot from the canon it would illuminate a ( 20x20 foundation) area for 20 or 30 seconds.
  10. Can we get a large round table, maybe the size of two wood tables put together, with a throphy mount built into the center of it? You know for "round table meetings"
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