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  1. Tlaciques left Positive feedback for a topic   

    WTT 49pt DMG Anky new servers
    Had a nice and fast trade with him, absolutly recommended :)

    Crazytheman30 was Trading

  2. FlameWinder left Positive feedback   

    Trade done easily and we had no problem with trade. I don't like to bidding anyway. I hope we can trade in future without bidding :D

    Crazytheman30 was The Seller

  3. Jonopeo left Positive feedback   

    Very good and reliable trader :- ) Will trade again in the future

    Crazytheman30 was Trading

  4. Schelmixi left Positive feedback   

    Thanks for your patience :D Awesome trade, thanks a lot.

    Crazytheman30 was Trading

  5. Skorpion89 left Positive feedback   

    Fast and easy trade, would trade again. Friendly Ark player :-)

    Crazytheman30 was Trading

  6. Freddyy left Positive feedback   

    fast and smooth trade with a friendly guy =)

    Crazytheman30 was Trading

  7. AlmightyGamerYT left Positive feedback   

    Awesome Trader

    Crazytheman30 was The Seller

  8. Skrub left Positive feedback   

    Thank You for the trade :) Fast and Easy

    Crazytheman30 was Trading

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