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  1. LuciferISK

    Evolution Event: Cross ARK Transfers & More!

    a feature i would like you guys to seriously consider and that is to cancel transfer to all ark servers as soon as possible before you really damage your community and create a new server type named CrossArk-Officialserver-EU-(number) where people can transfer from any island/center or SE map they want and move those things ONLY back to their own uploaded server you guys are smart lads and should be able to do that. By doing this you enable us lowbies to keep our nice small base intact in a nice community without forcing us on a private server or PVE server with sausageheads that block all the nice spawns because they can do it and also open an oppertunity for those that WANT to raid servers non stop like this on this server so its a fair fight for those that really want to do it. please do consider it love Most of the community that put 2500+ hours into a game and don't want it wiped because you guys thought this stupid idea of yours was a good idea.
  2. LuciferISK

    Evolution Event: Cross ARK Transfers & More!

    yes what he means is you guys make it a habit of raptoring up the game have you guys ever thought of us people that are not one of the big alpha tribes ? now alpha tribes just come to your server and raptor you up again i have been hunted by an alpha tribe through 4 servers and now finally got my break me and my friends were having a nice time on an SE server but you guys keep coming with stupid raptor ups like this i just got a message from the alpha tribe "we found you again and now we are coming for you again" honestly we considered PVE but all PVE servers are raptored because tribes block every building location just because PVP is raptored now yet again thanks to you guys by helping alpha tribes and the Chinese who is everyones nightmare on official servers btw and the only solution soon will be playing unofficial servers and that is not something i enjoy doing