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  1. WIll there be a way for people who already have the game and expansion, to get their hands on the collectables? I have 2k hours in game (PC) and would love these!!!!
  2. Congratulations you have truly made an absolutely amazing game. It is hands down one of my dearest games. When I'm depressed I can immerse myself into the game and have fun. Ya'll are awesome!
  3. Please please please will you add extinction core to the list!! I had 1600 hours in game and it was getting boring. Started playing that and well I am now at 1890 lol! It is freakin insanely good!! Please please push them to do more. I have never seen such an amazing mod in any game that add such a challenge with NPCs.
  4. Please make this a priority! I am so excited! lol
  5. Please make this a priority! I am so excited! lol
  6. Wish i'd had a chance on the Q&A, would love to see if rain guttering would be added to the green house blocks. Increased growth but with a slight decrease to water usage since technically the greenhouse would be watering the plants
  7. I have 1048 in game and I still keep coming back for more; scorched earth has definitly brought back the need again. This time round I was able to get my partner into it and his only thoughts are ARK, we were out today and his main thoughts were get back fast to go play ARK. When I saw the trailer I kept screaming "OMG OMG OMG", it never even occurred to me that I would not have to pay for it. The game is early access and basically we all get the the chance to beta test it for the main release. WIth some games you even have to pay extra to get into the beta. My understanding is that to keep updating the game you would have needed to add the DLC because it is apart of the main game coding wise. So why the hell not release it to backers who want to pay to test it. We get to keep the game after and don't have to pay extra to see it before release. You could have kept the release back till the game was due out but it make more sense to release it early access just like the main game. I can understand how some people are shocked by this but it seems many do not understand the idea behind early access. In fact some complain about a deadline for release when it clearly states, in the early access intro page, that devs can change times and even not complete projects "So you should only buy an Early Access game if you are excited about playing it in its current state." Maybe I come from a different standpoint because I am a part of the Star Citizen community. I have seen games start out with a small idea, they receive more money than expected and instead of just pocketing the extra money they put it into making a much larger game. It is obvious that the game is much larger than was initially thought, which means it will take far longer to complete. Yet we get to have instant access! I have faith that ya'll will complete the game, I mean what we have right now is insanely awesome so I have no worries you will just up and quit. Ark is one of those games that you know has affected your life. A huge thank you to every single person at Wildcard, you have made my dreams come true with this game. Ark survivor for life <3
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